Quentin Tarantino Reiterates Lack of Interest in KILL BILL: VOL. 3; Would Like to Do a Horror Movie

     December 19, 2013


Some directors line up new projects while they’re still working on current ones, but Quentin Taratino takes his time.  While he’s been on a rate of about one film every three years since his six year hiatus between Jackie Brown and Kill Bill, the wait is till unbearable.  It’s been a year since Django Unchained, and Tarantino is still toying with what he’ll do next.  It could be Killer Crow, which might be the conclusion of a “Rewritten History” trilogy following Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. However, a few weeks ago he said his next movie will be another western, although it’s not a sequel to Django Unchained.  Whatever he settles on, it will probably never be Kill Bill: Vol. 3.  In an interview with The Independent, Tarantino says “I don’t think about Kill Bill 3 that much.”

Hit the jump for more including why Tarantino decided he changed his mind about quitting directing.

quentin-tarantinoTarantino explained to So Film [via The Independent] that “10″ was a bit of an arbitrary number, and why he decided to keep directing:

“OK, it would sound really cool because it’s a round number and it would make sense as I would have made three movies per decade, but it’s not fixed in time. I still have some more things to do before being done with movies.”

While it’s still a bit of a bummer that he’s planning to quit at some point, there’s nothing wrong with wanting go out on top.  For me, Tarantino is 8-for-8 on his features, which is especially remarkable when you consider that his talent never dropped off after Pulp Fiction.  Whatever he decides to do, I’ll be excited even though it’s currently a mystery.  It might be Killer Crow, it might be another western, “or,” says Tarantino, “a horror movie, perhaps.”

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  • mattinacan

    He can do whatever he wants as long as he keeps dropping masterpiece after masterpiece.

    • Person

      Amen, though I think Django fell a bit short of masterpiece. And obviously Death Proof. Everything else is pure gold.

      • Guest

        Django was definitely not a masterpiece, and it also wasn’t the best movie of this decade. It was merely spectacular and the best movie of the year. It’s still vastly better than most directors will ever do. It’s amazingly rewatchable — there is not a single Tarantino movie that I have not wanted to watch over and over, dozens of times.

        Even Death Proof. Death Proof is very flawed, but it has possibly the best car chase scene ever filmed. It’s an excellent movie that needs to be trimmed. I just fast forward through all scenes that take place in a bar. The first time I saw it I enjoyed everything about it but the dialogue in the bar, while very Tarantino, it did drag out and got tedious.

        I only watch the scenes that are in a car. Or on top of a car or about to fall off a car or flying through the windshield of a car or what have you. Recut the movie, taking out 75% of the dialogue scenes set in a bar, and keep everything else, and it’s right up there with the rest of his output. Seriously, the final car chase scene is ridiculously thrilling.

        Once again, this is Tarantino we’re talking about, and it’s amazing that we have a director whose entire output is brilliant at worst and genius at best, except for 20 minutes of dialogue in one otherwise hugely entertaining movie.

      • Person

        QT is my personal favorite writer and probably also my favorite director, but I’ve only seen Death Proof once. I dunno why, but I’ve never had any desire to see it again. To each his own, I suppose.


        ur nuts deathproof was awesome and django pure genius

    • Sid Walker

      Crap after crap you mean

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    I’m glad that he won’t make a film unless he’s passionate about it. Not doing a Kill Bill 3 is a good thing as it would only be produced out of commercial drive and not creative drive. I would love to see him do a horror film (not grindhouse material).

    • axalon

      “as it would only be produced only out of commercial drive and not creative drive”

      And boy do we know how things turn out when that happens!

      • whateveridontevencare


    • whateveridontevencare

      that’s why i am not too excited about anchorman 2

    • God of Collider

      Usually I think you’re the lowest form of scum on the planet but here we are completely sympatico: QT is a genius. Bow down Nolan you hack fraud. QT is a real writer/director you punk bitch.

      • Matt1

        You need professional help.

    • Alaskan_Doug

      Where do you draw your conclusion from? The seeds of Kill Bill Vol 3 were sown throughout both 1 and 2. There would be purpose to it (cyle of violence) and would likely be a spectacular story: the fall of Beatrix Kiddo. There’s no reason to suspect that 3 would fall short of QTs standards. Why couldn’t it be the Toy Story 3 of QT’s filmography?

      I for one am quite upset that there isn’t more interest in Vol 3. My life will be unfulfilled if this movie is not made.

      • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

        My conclusions? I read his statement: “I don’t think about Kill Bill 3 that much”. If the creator of the series does not have the creative drive to do another film than that’s a great thing as he will only diminish the quality of his prior work.

  • Cedhollywood

    Ok fine people in the biz say things like that all the time then end up making the movie when its really too late. But whatever,I really want to know is when if ever is “the kill bill;the whole bloody affair” directors cut is going to be released.

    • Andrew Sanders

      I dunno about KB 2 but the Jap version of KB 1 seems to be uncut & well worth getting hold of.

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    Yeah. Just kill the Kill bill Quentin. Do something original.

    • Andrew Sanders

      Besides which,didn’t he already Kill Bill in Kill Bill 2 already??
      Doing a KB 3 would be a bit pointless.

      • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

        who knows. Hollywood plays God sometimes by ressussitating dead characters.

      • Dick Cuddle

        KB3 was going to be about vernita green’s daughter getting revenge on beatrix kiddo

      • Indridcole

        It was originally planned as a four part story of revenge. With victims of her rampage returning for revenge against her. One of these characters being verneta greens daughter. Because he is a perfectionist he didnt want to just recast an older girl but rather have all the same actors but older. Knowing such a time gap has a ton of problems in the political world of movie funding. So he made the first two conclusive in case a 3rd amd 4th would never work. But the “idea” has always been there.

  • bidi

    the man was always an incredible writer, but his directing skills have really come around over the years as well. i feel like he gets better with every movie, and every rising budget and grander scope. i would love to see what he could do if a studio gave him 150 mil and just said “go play”

    • joeybot

      Django was a 100 million dollar movie. I think Tarantino pretty much gets the budget he wants, it doesn’t sound like he has to scrimp on stuff.

  • DB

    I just want “The Whole Bloody Affair” to be released on blu-ray and digital download.

  • Django Unchained Is Terrible

    QT should have retired before this millennium. The man hasn’t made a good movie since Jackie Brown.

    • Fitzy

      first sensible comment i’ve read here, kill bill 1 and 2, inglorious basterds, death proof and django all had their moments but were essentially flawed, reservoir dogs and pulp fiction are some of the best movies ever made

  • GrimReaper07

    I’d actually be really interested with him doing a romantic movie. Not because I like the genre, I tend to hate it, but because its the furthest away from his comfort zone. Either that or something that doesn’t involve guns.

    • Person

      Django and Jackie had elements of romance but I get what you mean, it would be interesting.

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  • joeybot

    I would love to see a Tarantino horror movie.

  • Hahaha

    The wait is till unbearable , i agree

  • Masshuu il Malacandra

    Why would anyone want a “KILL BILL 3″ as Bill is dead, story over>unless it would be a dreaded prequel and he’d have to use one of the other Carradine boys as “BILL”.

    • VigorousApathy

      You remember one of the women the Bride had to kill had a young daughter right? She will be an adult by now and ready to get revenge on the Bride for murdering her mother.

  • The Destroyer

    He was the one that kept saying that Kill Bill Vol. 3 was going to happen. I believe he said the story would involve Nikki, the little girl at the beginning of the first movie, coming after the Bride and her daughter. It would deffinately be interesting, and a spin on the revenge genre, but I guess it’s not going to happen.

  • thetrickybuddha

    Am I the only one here who remembers that the Bride in Kill Bill Vol. 1 made a very special promise to a little girl after she got done killing her mom? Kill Bill Vol. 3 should be that little girls story of vengeance.

    • NathanArizona

      Tarantino has said that would be the premise of Volume 3, would love to see it, but any movie he chooses to make would be great

  • Po

    Don´t hate now. But I would really love to see a Tarantino Zombie movie, he could make the genre “fun” again.

    • RicardoScholles

      Closest thing we’ll have is Planet Terror, probably.

  • The Vig

    QT will end up doing what he always ends up doing. He’ll peruse his collection of 70′s B movies, pick out key scenes, and concoct a story out of it. People will love it cause they’ll think its original, but in reality is just updated discarded movie detritus.

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  • Bronson

    I want to see a spy picture from him. With Idris Elba as his James Bond.

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  • Sean

    Tarantino is an enigma. One of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

    • Sid Walker

      He should have acted in kill bill himself

  • Zo

    Definitely voting for a prequel. I love the series but it was ended properly in the second movie however a prequel showing the squad united at there finest has the potential to be an amazing movie it also would be in Tarentinos’ style jumping back and forth….hell I’d start gathering signatures if I thought I could do it

    • Sid Walker

      Whats the point with a prequel?