Quentin Tarantino Teases Third Film in “Rewritten History” Trilogy

     February 10, 2013


With 2012’s Django Unchained, writer/director Quentin Tarantino once again focused on an important period of time in history as told through his one-of-a-kind lens.  Though we don’t yet know what subject the filmmaker will be tackling for his next project, it appears that he’s interested in once again going back in time to complete his unofficial “rewritten history” trilogy that began with Inglourious Basterds and continued with the swell Unchained.  Hit the jump to see what Tarantino had to say about the prospect of another period film by way of QT.

django-unchained-quentin-tarantino-movie-image-set-photoSpeaking during a press conference for the BAFTA winners (via Empire), Tarantino confirmed his interest in tackling another important historical touchstone:

“This [rewritten history theme] begs a trilogy, it begs to have a third movie on this theme. I haven’t decided about what yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised…”

Though this is certainly an intriguing prospect and I would be first in line for such a film, I’m not exactly getting my hopes up just yet.  It’s no secret that Tarantino loves to talk, and he’s discussed a number of future projects in the past that never came to fruition.  He teased a Vega Brothers movie in the 1990s that would feature John Travolta’s character from Pulp Fiction and Michael Madsen’s character from Reservoir Dogs, and after talking up a third Kill Bill movie for years, he recently admitted that the sequel is unlikely to happen.

Tarantino has long talked about wanting to put together a 1920s gangster film, and he recently discussed a project called Killer Crow that grew out of his miniseries-length script for Basterds, which would focus on a group of black soldiers who go AWOL in 1944 after the invasion of Normandy.  In short, at any given time Tarantino has a number of ideas for future films in his head, so who knows which ones will eventually get made and which ones are destined to linger in the “what could have been” file.  The guy has never made a bad movie, so whatever genre or time period QT settles on for his next film, it’s safe to say we’ll be in for a treat.


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    “The guy has never made a bad movie”

    Eh, Death Proof.

    • Junierizzle

      Deathproof as an extended stand alone movie isn’t great but as part of Grindhouse its actaully perfect.

      • Coolerking

        In other words, it’s a bad movie.

    • TheTruthoftheMatter

      Death Proof, Kill Bill Vol. 1, and Django Unchained. Heck, Tarantino in the 21st century. He keeps going back to the same well even though it ran dry a long time ago, so this news isn’t really news.

  • Matt Goldbergs Mom

    “The guy has never made a bad movie”

    Everything up to the last 20 minutes of Death Proof is garbage.

  • MmmHmm

    Death Proof was awesome.

    • Shoerki

      Im glad im not the only one seeing Death Proof for the great movie it is.

  • Jack

    I would say Kill Bill is the third movie of the revenge trilogy, like the other 2 it is a genre revenge film, (and starring a woman going after an abused man, another group of people that have been discriminated against in human history)

    • Austin

      Kill bill is its own trilogy. He’s making a third movie

      • Daniel

        So he said. But he’s also recently said Kill Bill 3 is probably not going to happen. Especially not since he’s only a few years from (presumably) retiring.

  • Connor

    Jackie Brown?

    • Alex

      …Is his best film.

  • tom

    i could see him doing a gangster movie set in turn of the century new york or boston. the oppressed people could be irish immigrants, or really any kind of immigrant since they were discriminated against so badly. irish people weren’t even considered “white” until like the mid-20th century. but i 100% agree with adam. whatever QT decides to do next, he’s got my money

  • mc

    an abused woman going after the abusing male? is that what you meant? otherwise you are an idiot.

  • James

    It’s true…he has yet to make a bad film. Even if the masses consider Death Proof his “worst”, (which I don’t, I love it) it’s still five times better then any other garbage being released at the theaters every week.

    • Hugo Boliche


  • IP OP

    doesn’t qualify as original, let alone outrageous, during the
    11th hour of POST American takedown and Globalist RED China handover. . .

    • the dude


  • Vaginals

    Gangsters please!! Tommy guns, QT’s OTT violence…… Would be wicked!

  • Vaginals

    Gangsters please!! Tommy guns, QT\’s OTT violence…… Would be wicked!

  • Tony Starks

    Either a full fledge gangster film or Killer Crow would be great choices. (And yes, he has never made a bad movie).

  • brNdon

    What ever happened to him making a new “Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill?”

    • Aj

      What did you think the second half of Death Proof was ?

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    I think he will make both. He isn’t that old yet so he can crank out 3 films. I’m sure he will still produce and write films so anything possible before retirement. IMO He should Do Killer Crow to finish that series then hit them with the gangster flick then go out with something like Kill Bill vol.3 or Grind House 2 something for the fans to have fun with.

  • thedroop

    he should keep going back in time, i say to 17th/18th century this time, i could totally see him doing something like rob roy. imagine if rob roy were directed by tarantino, fuck it even has tim roth in it

  • Marc Blazel

    I personally liked Death Proof but even so, it’s only half a movie and it’s completely unfair to judge it (without the rest of Grindhouse) against any of Tarantinos fully formed flicks. The record stands, the man has never made a bad movie and I highly doubt he ever will.

  • MainFragger

    Its kind of fine that Death Proof was a lesser film of his, because him and RR PURPOSELY made films based off of bad 70’s movies… The whole point was to mimick the horrible schlocky movies of the 70’s.. So, what else would you expect?

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  • paul tracy

    doesn’t Tarantino tease a film inside of every film he makes? No?

    ~ t

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