Quentin Tarantino Says KILL BILL VOL. 3 Isn’t Next and It’s Not Called KILL BILL VOL. 3

     November 30, 2009

kill_bill_movie_image_uma_thurman_in_a_quentin_tarantino_film__1_.jpgSpeaking with MTV, Quentin Tarantino says that his next project isn’t Kill Bill Vol. 3 and that “Kill Bill Vol. 3″ wouldn’t even be the title.  This makes a lot of sense if you know how volume two ends (spoiler alert: Bill gets killed).  Tarantino says that another film in the franchise would be “Volume 3 of the story of the Bride” and since that isn’t very catchy, don’t expect that to be the title either.

Whatever the title may be, don’t expect to be seeing it on a marquee anytime soon.  Says Tarantino, “There’s no script; there are just ideas and notes.  I won’t do that next, but it could very well be the thing I do after next.”  While I sure do love speculating about a film that still doesn’t have a title or a script but brings back a popular character, at what point does anyone ask Quentin Tarantino, “So what is you next movie?”

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