Quentin Tarantino’s Top 20 Films of 2010

     January 2, 2011

As we enter 2011, Quentin Tarantino has revealed his top ten films of 2010.  The list includes the usual suspects (Toy Story 3, The Social Network) along with some fun surprises like Tangled and, shall we say “peculiar” surprises like Robin Hood.  Tarantino didn’t provide any comment on his choices, but said of his number ten pick, Enter the Void,

“Hands down best credit scene of the year? Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history.”

Hit the jump for Tarantino’s list along with a look at the opening credits for Enter the Void.

Here’s Tarantino’s Top 20 of 2010 according to The Tarantino Archives [via Bleeding Cool]:

1.) Toy Story 3
2.) The Social Network
3.) Animal Kingdom
4.) I Am Love
5.) Tangled
6.) True Grit
7.) The Town
8.) Greenberg
9.) Cyrus
10.) Enter The Void
11.) Kick-Ass
12.) Knight and Day
13.) Get Him To The Greek
14.) The Fighter
15.) The King’s Speech
16.) The Kids Are All Right
17.) How to Train Your Dragon
18.) Robin Hood
19.) Amer
20.) Jackass 3D

    And here’s the opening credit sequence for Enter the Void:


    • agimassardi

      No Inception ?

      • Daniel T

        Yeah, that too. Those were my top 1 and 2. And i wanted Scott Pilgrim to be there too, he was 3.

    • Daniel T

      No Black Swan? I’m sursprised.

    • cp2964

      Wow. what a terrible list. Knight and Day? I liked Jack-ass, but how can that beabove Inception. maybe Quentin is trying to build outrage over this

    • Venkman

      Maybe he hasn’t seen BlackSawn or Inception. Unlikely but you never know.

    • Junierizzle

      I Love QT but Jackass 3D???? Even if you liked it it wasnt worth the ticket price. Its like 80 mins and the 3D is meh. And this is coming from someone who liked it, then cursed himself for wasting his money on such a short movie.

    • Chris

      Knight and Day? Really?! …only a Scientologist could like that movie.

      I’m gonna go with, “Did I say Knight and Day and Jackass 3-D? I meant Black Swan and Inception.”

      Silly Quentin…

    • Collin V.


    • aaronsullivan

      I like his list. He probably hasn’t seen a few movies and he’s not afraid to admit enjoying films that others think they are above.

      Knight and Day was over the top and fun for my wife and I. It’s often stupid fun and can’t be taken seriously, but what’s wrong with that? There’s room for that in my movie diet.

      Why do people act all incredulous about other people’s lists? I can’t imagine anything more boring than all of us liking the exact same movies for the exact same reason. Maybe people acting like their opinion is the only one anyone should care about. That’s pretty played out. lol.

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    • christophercantos

      i don’t trust this… not one bit! Tarantino will surely put Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere there if HE REALLY MADE THIS LIST(he even chose it as best picture at the Venice Film Festival)! and Scott Pilgrim for sure because of his fondness of Edgar Wright’s fims. also, not being a die-hard inception fan, but Tarantino loves praising Writer/Directors, and he will surely praise Nolan for writing and directing an ORIGINAL WORK.

      unless i see Tarantino captured on video saying his list, i’ll believe this

      • Midian101

        Inception is many things – visually stunning, exciting, well-made – but original it is not. It’s basically a classier/gloomier version of Dreamscape (no bad thing). On another note, concerning all the outrage/moaning, Tarantino should be praised for being honest and not worrying about what people might think of his taste. He enjoyed these films and isn’t ashamed to let us know it. I can’t say I agree with his choices, but I respect them.

    • andrew reyes

      That’s a very interesting question on Tarantino. In my opinion, he has made an impact on film, but i’m not sure that impact has moved filmmaking in a forward motion.

    • Excpired

      The only movie on this list that surprises me is Knight and Day…

      That being said is Enter The Void a real movie or was Tarantino just trying to make us all have epileptic seizures?

    • Spencer

      Haha…come on…look at his list from 2009:

      1. Star Trek
      2. Drag Me To Hell
      3. Funny People
      4. Up in the Air
      5. Chocolate
      6. Observe and Report
      7. Precious
      8. An Education

      …obviously this is genuine. He’s admirable for not having the same tastes as everyone else. That’s why he’s Tarantino.

    • Tyrone Rubin

      Maybe he thought Inception and BS were great films but just not one of his favs or yeah as someone else commented, maybe a couple of them he had not seen, either way Tarantino’s opinion counts to me, thats for sure. My list in no particular order of fav films of 2010
      Black Swan
      Animal Kingdom
      Toy Story 3
      The Social Network
      The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Saw it in 2010)
      Winter’s Bone
      The Town
      Shutter Island

    • christophercantos

      BUT THE EXCLUSION OF SOMEWHERE? I MEAN, HE EVEN CRIED WHEN HE GAVE SOFIA COPPOLA THE BEST PICTURE AWARD AT THE VENICE FILM FESTIVAL. I’m questioning if he really made this list. Knight and Day being there doesn’t really makes me question the list. it’s the film that HE OBVIOUSLY LOVED being EXCLUDED on the list makes me question if he really wrote this. and this is a TOP 20 LIST, i’m sure he would have put “Somewhere” somewhere there

    • Migz13

      No Inception? wow.. and I think he should’ve traded Knight and Day for the Karate Kid remake instead:P

    • Pedro Sttau

      Robin Hood and Jackass deserve a mention, but Inception doesn’t? a bit odd to say the least.

    • Venkman

      He caught shit for awarding “Somewhere” at the Venice film festival. He was accused of favouritism since he had a relationship with Sofia Coppola years ago. He was probably just avoiding the same accusations had he included it on the list. Then again Knight and Day was shit.

      • christophercantos


        you probably haven’t read his interviews during his juror time at the Venice Film Festival. he said that he doesn’t care about the criticisms of the press. he really feels the right film won(i haven’t seen Somewhere but he spoke very passionately about it very much)

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    • Rashy

      Glad to see Animal Kingdom and Enter the Void on there as they were in my top 10: my list is Animal Kingdom, Black Swan, The Killer Inside Me, The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Valhalla Rising, Inception, Enter The Void, 127 Hours, Exit Thru the Gift Shop, and Winter’s Bone.

    • cartouche

      I think this list is true to form. Tarantino is known for being an oddball so he may be trying to ruffle a few feathers but I believe this list is true.
      While he is very influential I like to think he likes movies from a fan perspective and not someone in the industry. I think its refreshing to see some of his choices and applaud him for liking movies that were not critically or commercially successful. For what its worth Knight and Day was not all that bad, it was fun to watch

    • Voice of Reason

      Just one question: Why does anyone care what he thinks???

      • ReneT

        Because he’s one of the best and intelligent directors of all time. Is that enough?

    • Eric

      This list is bullshit and I think he wants everyone to think he’s cool for not putting the best movies of 2010 on his list what a fag

    • dogg

      Maybe he saw Inception for the ton of BS it really was.

    • Malaguy

      Anyone else that watched the credit sequence notice that Thomas Bangalter, one half of Daft Punk, was credited with being Sound Effects Director? Kinda cool.

    • ReneT

      I believe that this is fake, a big one, because I don’t think that Tarantino could like something like Get him to Greek or Knight and Day. Weak. Maybe if he just said YES to every film who’s a little bit popular. Doesn’t look like Tarantino. Doesn’t!

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    • randomh3ro1

      what about 127 hours.!

    • Michael

      This is fishy… Too fishy.

      This list to me is BS. I think Quentin, as big of a fan I am of his, didn’t want to put the more appreciated or acclaimed films because he probably didn’t want to admit that they were better than his films. Or at least not give them recognition. And this is advertising for these not so acclaimed films compared to those that weren’t actually named, because already a good number of you are question QT’s judgment and taste. And I bet a good number of you added these list of films to your Netflix queue’s. Because “hey, if Quentin liked it, it must be good.”

      I don’t think he wrote this. I mean on “his” twitter account he says 3D his tacky and stupid. But in an article on google he says he wants to make kill bill in 3D. How mainstream can you get and desperate as well. I bet if you met this guy in person, you would learn that he has no humanity whatsoever. I know it sounds like I’m ranting but just saying. It’s a little too much, especially the high caliber of a director people have made him as.

    • Matt

      Quentin did once say — “The minute I start getting confused, I check out of the movie. Emotionally, I’m severed.”

      So maybe that’s what happened with him an Inception. I love Tarantino films and Inception as well, but I can’t really see Quentin getting too excited over something like Inception. But I don’t think it’s really a big deal. Just because you’re a fan of QT and Inception doesn’t mean the world is going to end if QT didn’t like Inception as much as you did.

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