First Images from RAGING BULL 2

     June 20, 2012


If you’ve ever wanted to know what happened in middleweight boxer Jake LaMotta’s early life that made him such a Raging Bull in his later years, then Raging Bull II is the movie for you!  The new prequel/sequel, which recently began filming, highlights LaMotta’s life “before the rage and after the rage” found in the original Martin Scorsese picture, starring Robert DeNiro (neither of whom is attached to Raging Bull II).  The Martin Guigui (Beneath the Darkness) picture stars William Forsythe (Boardwalk Empire) as an older LaMotta with Mojean Aria (Cross Life) as a younger version.  The picture also stars Tom Sizemore (Heat), Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas) and Penelope Ann Miller (The Artist). Hit the jump to check out the first images and press release for Raging Bull II.

Here’s the press release, followed by the images (via JoBlo):

LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2012 raging-bull-2-image /PRNewswire/ — This film may quench the unsatisfied thirst that movie goers desire to see more of this true middleweight boxing legend as well as newcomers who want to see an action film that shows how a man’s inner drive can overcome life’s obstacles. Raging Bull II fills in the gaps and allows us to get to know Jake LaMotta. It answers such questions as what happened to him or what he was like as a youngster. LaMotta himself was present and providing guidance before and during the shoot.

Although Raging Bull gave us the adult version of Jake LaMotta, it did not provide the rare look into Jake’s childhood nor the impact of the after effects of his violent life. Raging Bull II provides this much desired insight into the real-life struggle of a down-and-out pugilist who turns his anger, abusive childhood into a boxing career. Although his brute force turned him into a middleweight champion, it also created challenges in his life.

Martin Guigui, writer-director, has attracted a wealth of established actors, including William Forsythe, Joe Mantegna, Tom Sizemore, Penelope Ann Miller, along with fresh talent such as Mojean Aria as the young Jake LaMotta. Living up to the legendary Raging Bull is quite a daunting task. Although intriguing, Raging Bull fans will have to wait until 2013 to see the film.


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  • Travis

    Did time suddenly do an instant forward warp directly to April Fools Day, or am I truly in hell?

  • Ticklemytoes

    Straight to DVD crap.

  • potterboy

    this is why THE ENGINEERS turned against us.

    • will

      LOL good one.

    • Gene


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  • Not on cauliflour

    Where’s my DEER HUNTER sequel?!!!

  • Franklin

    This… this is for *real*?

  • Dan

    Coming soon, Goodfellas 2: Electric Boogaloo starring Stephen Baldwin

  • Jamesy

    WOW, I predict…Oscars!! Seriously wtf is this crap?! If this was a made for tv movie, or even a mini series starring Johnny Drama, then maybe. But no, just no.

  • Pragmator

    Yikes! Just look at the cast list! They must be making this movie with a budget of $1000 bucks. Tom Sizemore? Wow.

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  • Samwise Gamgee

    “Although intriguing, Raging Bull fans will have to wait until 2013 to see the film.”

    This will be worse, then having to wait so long for The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Stinky

    This has to be a joke. A cruel, cruel joke.

    Please tell me a giant piranha-shark appears and this is actually a SyFy movie.

  • Jeffrey


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  • Ben Sono

    This reminds me of the comedy “The Muse” where Scorsese jokingly says “I’m making a remake of Raging Bull, but with a REAL thin guy” “Can you see it, can you see it” “Thin and angry, thin and angry”
    What a joke this is. One of the best movies of all time is receiving a bullshit prequel. SAD that Hollywood is out of ideas. We also have the prequel to the Wizard of OZ and a remake of Total Recall. What the hell is going on?

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