Ramon Rodriguez Exclusive Video Interview – TRANSFORMERS REVENGE OF THE FALLEN

     June 30, 2009


Every once in awhile I forget to post something. The interview I did with Ramon Rodriguez for “Transformers Revenge of the Fallen” was one of those things.

I probably would have completely forgotten about it, but in today’s Hero Compex on the L.A. Times website, there is a story that says Ramon’s part in “Transformers 3” might be a lot bigger. Since many of you have now seen the movie and might want to know more about Ramon and how he got the part…I figured better late than never.

So after the jump you can hear Ramon talk about filming the movie, the viral websites, how he got into acting, and we joke around about how many beautiful women were in the University scenes. He tells me he gave Michael Bay a lot of sh*t for it. It’s a good interview so take a look:

Ramon Rodriguez

  • We talk about how he used to play basketball and how that led him into acting
  • Was he a fan of the first film
  • What did he learn from working for Michael Bay
  • What was the most challenging part of making the movie
  • He talks about the viral websites created for the film and how he was involved in making them real
  • Pros and cons of traveling the world to promote the film
  • We talk about how many amazing looking people are in the university scenes
  • Did he have a lot of friends that got to visit him on set
  • What does he have coming up
  • Working with Shia and Megan

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