Tuesday TV Ratings: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Drops to Series Low, THE GOLDBERGS and TROPHY WIFE Rise

     November 13, 2013


Tuesday evening’s TV ratings are in.  Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

  • ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. dropped yet again (surprise, surprise), notching a series low 2.2 rating in the 18-49 demo and scoring 6.63 million viewers.
  • On the flipside, new comedy series The Goldbergs rose 13% from last week’s series low 1.5 rating to a 1.7 rating and 5.18 million viewers.
  • Also up was ABC’s other positively reviewed new comedy series Trophy Wife, which earned a 1.2 rating and 3.81 million viewers for a rise of 9% over last week’s 1.1 rating.

Hit the jump for the full ratings report for Tuesday, November 12th, including New Girl, Person of Interest, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Supernatural, Chicago Fire, and more.


  • new-girl-menusDads dropped 14% from last week’s 1.4 rating to a 1.2 rating and 3.16 million viewers.
  • The very much improved Brooklyn Nine-Nine garnered a 1.4 rating and 3.28 million viewers, marking a drop of 13% from last week’s 1.6 rating.
  • Also down was New Girl, which notched a 1.7 rating and 3.33 million viewers for a 15% drop from last week’s 2.0 rating.
  • Finally, The Mindy Project closed out the night also down with a 1.3 rating and 2.62 million viewers, which is a drop of 13% from last week’s 1.5 rating.


  • NCIS matched last week’s 2.9 rating and scored 19.20 million viewers, making it the highest rated and most watched scripted show of the night.
  • Also even was NCIS: Los Angeles, which garnered a 2.4 rating and 14.75 million viewers, even with last week’s season low.
  • Person of Interest notched up 5% from last week’s series low 1.9 rating with a 2.0 rating and 12.5 million viewers.


  • Chicago Fire hit a 2.2 rating and 7.79 million viewers, which is a rise of 5% from its last original episode’s 2.1 rating.


  • the-goldbergs-the-krempsOver on ABC, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues its decline with a series low 2.2 rating and 6.63 million viewers, marking a 12% drop from last week’s 2.5 rating.
  • Despite its lead-in’s declining ratings, new comedy series The Goldbergs is on the rise.  Last night’s episode garnered a 1.7 rating and 5.18 million viewers, which is up 13% from last week’s 1.5 rating.
  • Also up was Trophy Wife, which notched a 1.2 rating and 3.81 million viewers.  That’s up 9% from last week’s 1.1 rating.

The CW

  • The Originals rose 22% from last week’s 0.9 rating to a 1.1 rating and scored 2.38 million viewers.
  • Supernatural was also up, hitting a 1.0 rating and 2.35 million viewers for a rise of 11% from last week’s 0.9 rating.


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  • E2

    i will be honest that series is so lame an boring . I stopped watching it after 2 episode….

    • bookon

      The last few episodes were very good.

    • Arthur Dent

      Then you have been missing what has turned into a pretty solid series.

  • Outland196

    Funny how much certain Collider writers likes to bash the show, yet it is still one of the highest rated shows of the night and only a few episodes in….granted there is room for improvement but the episodes seem to get better every time and bring in some wholesome and stupid fun and that’s been missing from television since shows like the A-team and Night Rider. Not every series out there has to be full of drug laden sexually explicit brain twisting plot lines…. frankly, that stuff is getting too heavy and tiring to watch. I’ll take a good night of silly marvel action any day!

    • Me

      A-Team and Night Rider were wholesome? I might as well make bones about the amount of viollence in an average episode of the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie..

    • Lance

      The show still has to do better, though, otherwise it’ll get cancelled after the first season. If it hadn’t gotten the full season order early on, everyone on the show would be sweating bullets right now.

    • Strong Enough

      you’re an idiot

      • Arthur Dent

        Those kinds of comments make you sound like an absolute genius.


        AoS is getting better with each episode. The last few have been pretty darn good.

      • Strong Enough

        thank you. i am a genius

    • dangeer

      It’s definitely a show that gets better with every episode. Not every series starts off great.

  • Stuntman Mike

    I tuned in to S.H.I.E.L.D. with high hopes on the season premiere and found it unwatchable. Guess I’m not alone.

  • The Flobbit

    Excuse me while I dance around the room. Marvel is NOT undefeatable!