BREAKING BAD Nearly Doubles Ratings Record with 5.9 Million Viewers for Most-Watched Episode to Date

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Last night’s premiere of the final eight Breaking Bad episodes ever shattered the AMC series’ previous ratings record.  “Blood Money” netted a whopping 5.9 million viewers, eclipsing the drama series’ previous record of 3 million viewers for last year’s penultimate episode.  Clearly fans made it a point of catching up on the show in the months since last year’s finale, as having the twists and turns of the final episodes of this brilliant drama spoiled would be rather unfortunate.  It helps that the show has been available on Netflix’s Instant Watch for a few months, allowing subscribers to adequately prepare for the end.  If you missed Allison’s recap of last night’s excellent episode, click here.

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  • Tom

    Yeah Bitch!
    This show deserves the highest viewers ratings.

  • -

    It’s nice when the best shows get the ratings they deserve. Still not happy that TWD has twice that (more than The Sopranos did at the peak of its popularity), but oh well.
    Anyway, the episode was great. If it carries on this way, season 5 could end up surpassing season 3 as my favourite. (I don’t say that lightly. After a couple of choice Mad Men seasons, I think it’s the best season of television since The Sopranos ended)

    • The_Dude

      Yeah, seriously. Fuck the walking dead(the show, not the comic).

    • CKLOH

      “Choice”? Neither Mad Men nor Breaking Bad are flawless. The first half of season four of the latter was horrifying (relative to its collective acumen).

      Mad Men and Breaking Bad are two of the best series ever made. They execute their stories in stylistically unique ways and are truly incomparable. People who diminish one series because they prefer another reflects one of the most idiotic things about society today: the need for an individual champion. My apologies for this tome, but when will people realize that their opinions/dissertations of fictional characters will never matter? Just watch the genius spectacles that the minds of Vince Gilligan and Matthew Weiner and many others have gifted us with and please stop reiterating the same drained topics, ad nauseum. Again, it’s incredibly idiotic.

      • -

        I don’t see how I diminished either series by saying that, nor do I see how I implied either of them are flawless.

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