January 10, 2014


Thursday evening’s TV ratings are in.  Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

  • Last night’s excellent David Fincher-inspired episode of Community was up 8% over last week’s season premiere, hitting a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demo and scoring 3.57 million viewers.
  • Elsewhere on NBC, the 100th episode of Parks and Recreation saw a big rise of 40% over its last original episode’s 1.0 rating with a 1.4 rating in the demo and 3.37 million viewers.
  • Finally, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory absolutely crushed everything else on Thursday with a massive 5.6 rating and 20.08 million viewers.  That’s up 4% from last week’s 5.4 rating, and the overall viewership marks the show’s most-watched regularly scheduled episode ever.

Hit the jump for the full ratings report for Thursday, January 9th, including The Millers, The Crazy Ones, Parenthood, Elementary, and more.



  • parks-and-recreation-second-chunceCommunity notched a season high 1.4 rating and 3.57 million viewers, rising 8% from last week’s premiere rating of 1.3.
  • A swell 100th episode of Parks and Recreation also garnered a season high with a 1.4 rating and 3.37 million viewers, rising 40% from its last original episode’s 1.0 rating.
  • Sean Saves the World was up 25% from last week’s 0.8 rating to a 1.0 rating and 3.16 million viewers.
  • Also up significantly was The Michael J Fox Show, which hit a 1.0 rating and 3.14 million viewers for a rise of 25%.
  • Parenthood closed out the night with a 1.3 rating and 4.21 million viewers, even with last week’s rating.


  • Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory earned a 5.6 rating and 20.08 million viewers, rising 4% from last week’s 5.4 rating and scoring the show’s highest rating since last February.
  • The Millers tied its series high with a 3.3 rating and 13.61 million viewers, which is up 18% from last week’s 2.8 rating.
  • Also up was The Crazy Ones, which hit a 2.4 rating and 9.62 million viewers for a rise of 20% from last week’s 2.0 rating.
  • Two and a Half Men notched a 2.4 rating and 9.48 million viewers, rising 9%.
  • The drama series Elementary garnered a 2.0 rating and 9.85 million viewers, which is up 11% from last week’s 1.8 rating.



    The Big Bang Theory is so overwritten, the jokes feel forced. How can the ratings be so good? IMHO

    • cruzzercruz

      Because people are idiots and need simple jokes teed up for them like children learning to swing a bat. Last night’s Community was ripe with brilliance and Parks was firing on all cylinders, yet both shows combined attract less viewers than a TBS rerun of Big Bang.

      • MITIOR

        Exactly! I don’t get the love for this show.

    • vividsoup

      It’s pretty simple. Big Bang Theory is highly accessible. No it’s not great humor (I suppose that’s subjective though) but they found a formula that attracts all types of tv watchers. From people who loved Breaking Bad to those who live for the Kardashians. That’s a hard thing to do, so you have to give Chuck Lorre and company credit.

      • MITIOR

        Oh yes, they found the formula. But for me sometimes is just painful to watch. Specially when they want to make the guys sound oh so smart, sometimes they’re showing off explaining something with the longest words they can find in the dictionary and its something as simple as “wireless connections”. I guess this works with reaaally old people and middle schoolers. Someone that has finished highschool education can definitely see they’re trying just too hard.