Thursday TV Ratings: COMMUNITY Returns to Premiere Low; THE BIG BANG THEORY Rises

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Thursday evening’s TV ratings are in.  Here’s a brief rundown:

  • NBC’s Community returned for its fifth season (with Dan Harmon back as showrunner to boot) to a premiere low 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo and 3.03 million viewers.  That’s down six tenths from last year’s 1.9 debut for the lackluster fourth season, but it wouldn’t be Community without low-yet-manageable ratings.  Though the 1.3 is indeed a disappointing rating, it speaks to NBC’s troubled comedy lineup that this number is enough to keep Community afloat for now.
  • Over on CBS, The Big Bang Theory returned to a whopping 5.3 rating and 18.93 million viewers, easily destroying everything else in both demo ratings and total viewership.  That’s up two tenths from its last original episode’s 5.1 rating.

Hit the jump for the full ratings rundown for Thursday, January 2nd, including Elementary, Parenthood, The Crazy Ones, and more.


  • the-big-bang-theory-the-hesitation-ramificationThe Big Bang Theory kicked off CBS’ post-holiday schedule with a 5.3 rating and 18.93 million viewers, rising three tenths from its last original episode.
  • New comedy series The Millers notched a 2.9 rating and 11.55 million viewers, which is up three tenths from its last original episode’s 2.6 rating.
  • The Crazy Ones was up one tenth to a 2.0 rating and 8.24 million viewers.
  • Two and a Half Men garnered a 2.1 rating and 8.55 million viewers, rising two tenths from its last new episode’s 1.9 rating.
  • The procedural series Elementary hit a 1.8 rating and 8.92 million viewers in its return, ticking up a tenth from its last episode’s 1.7 rating.


  • Community’s season five premiere garnered a 1.3 rating and 3.74 million viewers, while the comedy’s superior second episode hit a 1.2 rating and 3.03 million viewers.  This marks a premiere low for the ratings-challenged comedy, down six tenths from last year’s 1.9 rating.
  • Compared to the rest of NBC’s Thursday comedy lineup, though, Community’s performance was impressive.  Sean Saves the World hit a series low 0.8 rating and 2.77 million viewers, dropping two tenths from its last original episode’s 1.0 rating.
  • Also hitting a series low was The Michael J Fox Show, which hit a 0.8 rating and 2.52 million viewers for a drop of one tenth.
  • Closing out the evening was Parenthood, which garnered a 1.3 rating and 3.99 million viewers, rising one tenth from its last original episode’s 1.2 rating.


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FB Comments

  • GrimReaper07

    Sad that The Big Bang Theory has numbers so higher than Community

    • wsdeqwed

      I thought it was a pretty good show for the first season or two. But then it became shit like the rest of CBS’s comedy lineup.

      I really don’t understand how Community is not more popular. Hopefully with it getting syndication, that will help.

      • GrimReaper07

        Yeah same here. Now its like the rest of Chuck Lorre’s comedies. Repeating joke again and again and again.

    • Snarky

      It’s not surprising though; Big Bang Theory is a much, much broader comedy. As a fan of Community it would be crazy to expect it to gather a large audience and if it did, it would probably be at the expense of why we love it in the first place. I should mention that I enjoy both but Community is by far my favourite.

      • GrimReaper07

        It is surprising that they’re so much higher though. Big Bang has very obvious humor which plays well with the masses, for sure, but Community’s humor appeals to such a large audience its weird it doesn’t get higher numbers. I’m ashamed to say I can’t participate in those number since I’m not from the US and can only watch it online. I did watch it on Netflix when I had an account though.

  • Unique Jenique

    Big Bang Theory for the win!

    • Joey.blowey

      Big Bang Theory for the Swine! (there I fixed it for you)

  • RunnerX13

    Love Community, but I turned to it last night by accident. NBC has never promoted this show well.

    • Kyle

      Actually (ironically) NBC promoted the hell out of this season premiere.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    That’s awesome news for COMMUNITY: do what you can to keep it in the news!

  • David Wilkinson

    No one has cared about Community for a couple of years.

    • Harry Palm

      Nah, Dan Harmon has a cult of Fanboys, much like Kevin Smith, that worship him like some kind of comedic deity. They wet their pants when he was rehired and actually liked those crappy first episodes of Season 5. I mean, the group’s lives were horrible failures because the school they went to for four years didn’t educate them properly and they decide to rectify the situation by re-enrolling into the very same school and these nitwit Fanboys didn’t have a problem with that. They were just glad their Messiah was back.

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