Sunday TV Ratings: FAMILY GUY Steady in Big Character Death Episode; BOB’S BURGERS and AMERICAN DAD Tick Up

     November 25, 2013


Sunday evening’s TV ratings are in.  Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Fox’s Animation Domination kicked off with The Simpsons, earning a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demo and 6.65 million viewers for a rise of 61% from last week’s 1.8 rating.  Also up considerably was Bob’s Burgers with a 1.9 rating and 4.02 million viewers for a rise of 27% from its last new episode’s 1.5 rating.  A significant episode of Family Guy marking the departure of one of the main characters was even with last week’s 2.2 rating and scored 4.51 million viewers, while American Dad ticked up 13% to a 1.8 rating and 3.81 million viewers.
  • Over at ABC, the American Music Awards garnered a 4.5 rating and 12.90 million viewers, which is up 32% from last year’s 3.4 rating.  Granted, last year’s telecast didn’t have a giant lip syncing cat.
  • Due to football overrun that preempted programming in a number of areas, the preliminary numbers for CBS’ Sunday lineup are subject to significant change and therefore unreliable.
  • Leo Spaceman

    Killing Brian was a terrible idea. I hated the liberal side of him but that was the point, it was fun to hate the liberal assholes. The new dog is fat and unappealing to look at. Additonally, Stewie is the best character on the show and Brian is the only character who could really interact with him and the Brian and Stewie episodes were consistently the best. The other episodes have just become poop and fart jokes.

    My hope is that this is all a ploy. It is understandable that everyone hates Vinny off the bat but as we get to know him we get to like him but Stewie is still heartbroken over the death of Brian and Vinny knows it and they have an episode called Road to Brian where Stewie and Vinny work together to build a new time machine that they thought they couldn’t do and then when they realize that it will work they also find out that Vinny will dissappear but Vinny is ok with it and Stewie realizes he loves him and they say goodbye as good friends. And then Brian is back and totally says he understands what just happens and Stewie narrows his eyes annoyed by Brian again and then the episode ends. That would feel very Family guy. Have that happen towards the end of the season.

    • Frank

      I dunno… I think he may be gone for good, at least as a regular. Now that his schedule has gotten even crazier with movies in the mix, Seth McFarlane probably decided he had to cut his workload a bit, and what better place to trim the fat than the show where he’s voicing, what, three main characters?

      I haven’t watched the show in like six years, so I didn’t know about this until this morning. I can recognize that it’s a big deal, but to be honest I never really liked Brian… maybe his character changed over time, but he seemed like more of a mouthpiece than a parody. Either way he was pretty annoying.

  • mattinacan

    family guy jumped the shark

    • Intravenus de Milo

      dont you mean, “killed the dog.” ?

      maybe we’ve coined yet another new term.

      “grew it’s beard,” “jumped the shark,” “nuked the fridge” and “killed the dog.”

      • Lex Walker

        Nah, that would be implying Family Guy didn’t jump the shark about 8 seasons ago, and that’s being far too nice to this turd of a show.

      • Jimmy B

        Don’t forget “Threw the pigeon” after the latest Mentalist episode.

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  • Jamesy

    I’m from the UK so this episode hasn’t aired yet, but the internet had already ruined it for me anyway. I wonder if they’ll give Brian his own spin-off show in an alternate time line sort of thing. I agree with Leo Spaceman, the best episodes were definitely between Brian and Stewie, the rest of the season just seemed like it was getting old with the same jokes. I stopped watching consistently a few seasons ago.

  • LEM

    Brian and Stewie were hilarious together so I really hope this isn’t for good and maybe just a way for Seth to lighten his work load for awhile.