Sunday TV Ratings: GAME OF THRONES Premiere Scores Highest HBO Ratings Since THE SOPRANOS Finale

     April 7, 2014


TV ratings for Sunday evening are in, and unsurprisingly HBO has a stellar night.  Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

  • The season four premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones scored a record 6.6 million viewers, which is up a whopping 2.2 million from last year’s 4.4 million premiere.  Adding in the encore’s 1.6 million viewers, the show totaled 8.2 million viewers on Sunday night.  The opener topped the previous Game of Thrones record of 5.5 million, which it hit in the third episode of season three, and last night’s episode was the most-watched HBO telecast since the series finale of The Sopranos.
  • Additionally, the series premiere of the excellent new comedy series Silicon Valley brought in 2 million viewers, scoring the network’s biggest half-hour launch since 2009’s Hung.  The season three premiere of Veep (also fantastic) averaged 1 million viewers, which is even with its season two finale.

Hit the jump for the rest of the ratings report for Sunday, April 6th, including Once Upon a Time, Believe, Crisis, Family Guy, and more.


  • family-guy-hemp-the-love-soreBob’s Burgers dropped a tenth from last week’s 1.0 rating to a 0.9 and scored 2.27 million viewers.
  • American Dad was down two tenths to a 1.2 rating and brought in 2.71 million viewers.
  • The Simpsons, meanwhile, was even with last week’s episode, scoring a 1.9 rating and 4.3 million viewers.
  • Animation Domination closed out with Family Guy, rising two tenths to a 2.3 rating and garnering 4.72 million viewers.
  • The excellent Cosmos matched last week’s 1.5 rating and scored 4.01 million viewers.


  • The new drama series Believe continues to struggle, dropping a tenth to a 1.0 rating and 4.14 million viewers.
  • Crisis was also down a tenth, hitting a 1.0 rating and garnering 4.43 million viewers.


  • Once Upon a Time ticked up one tenth to a 2.2 rating and scored 6.68 million viewers.
  • The new drama Resurrection dropped three tenths to a 2.1 rating and scored 7.54 million viewers.
  • Revenge closed out the evening with a 1.3 rating and 4.93 million viewers, marking a drop of one tenth.


  • The Academy of Country Music Awards dropped a full ratings point from last year, as last night’s telecast earned a 3.3 rating and scored 14.14 million viewers.
  • YodaRocks

    Even though it doesn’t matter much, what are the ratings for Game of Thrones?

    • Adam Chitwood

      Those numbers didn’t arrive until today, but Game of Thrones did a 3.6 rating in the demo (highest of anything on Sunday), Silicon Valley hit a 1.1, and Veep did a 0.5.

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  • spoiler goiler

    when will this website ever learn that nobody gives a flying fuck about ratings anymore..

    • YodaRocks

      Why? I take interest in ratings (although I’ll admit that my interest is purely academic) I can get the same data from Neilson but its good to get ratings along-with my daily dose of movie news.

    • leonffs

      Last I checked TV shows depend on ratings to generate revenue and stay on the air. Did something change?

  • spoiler goiler

    ratings do not mean shit in this day and age.. if you guys don’t realize that.. you are long lost

    • Nate

      Dude, it affects what shows get renewed based on it’s popularity with the general public. Non-cable networks renew or cancel show solely on the ratings.

  • LEM

    I’m surprised more people didn’t stick around after GoT to watch Silicon Valley.

  • Redjester

    I’m calling it here first: If Daenerys dies in the books, it will be at the hand of her dragons (led by Drogon).

    Seems like it would be a fitting death for her character.

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