Thursday TV Ratings: GREY’S ANATOMY Wins the Night, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and 1600 PENN Down

     March 29, 2013


Thursday evening’s NCAA basketball-hindered TV ratings are in.  Here’s a brief rundown:

  • ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was the highest rated program of the night, scoring a 2.8 rating in the 18-49 demo and 8.33 million viewers.  That’s down two tenths from last week’s 3.0 rating.  Meanwhile, Scandal dropped a tenth from last week to a 2.6 rating and 8.05 million viewers.
  • Two new episodes of NBC’s comedy series 1600 Penn scored a series-low 0.7 rating and 1.89 million viewers, which is a two-tenths drop from last week’s 0.9 rating.
  • Two episodes of Fox’s Raising Hope notched a 1.4 rating and 4.57 million viewers and a 1.2 rating and 3.49 million viewers, respectively.  That’s down from the last original episode’s 1.5 rating.
  • Over at The CW, The Vampire Diaries garnered a 1.2 rating and 2.43 million viewers, dropping a tenth from last week’s 1.3 rating.  Beauty and the Beast was even with last week’s 0.6 rating in the demo and scored 1.55 million viewers.
  • FaFaFlooey

    Maybe if NBC had just an ounce of consistency, week after week they could build an audience. They fucked with community’s scheduling put other shows on weird 2-4 week hiatus, and then sanwhiched in a show that may have served better on another night “1600 Penn” in between 2 reruns of shows that have no reason to be repeats. But they just decide to burn off all the episodes of 1600 Penn whilst alienating the audience that does show up for NBC’s comedy’s. It is maddening to anyone who tunes in at 8-9 to watch community which all of last month since it began airing again have been new. Then the rest are repeats, except 1600 which nobody cares about. Then in between all repeat hiatus of weeks on weeks we get new Parks and Rec and a butchered episode of The Office. Then, guess what? It’s all repeats again! This is made all the more maddening because community has to go up against The Big Bang Theory with no follow up must see programming. So it had been left to die along with this other show. Finally the entire season of Community had been shot, it’s finished. So, why the hell was it a repeat last night? There was no Big Bang Theory up against it, it could of actually garnered a bit more of an audience. “Nope that would make to much sense!” I’m assuming a hapless NBC executive said, while he was relishing in late night rumors and wars again.

    TV for me and most others is about consistency. Every week for these 3-4 months I’m going to tune in at THIS time on THIS channel and watch my favorite programming, because I know it’s there. Instead they care about….who the fuck knows what thy care about. Why set a premier date for a show when the show won’t be on? Better yet why pay all the actors why shoot it all and then have it sit for nobody to see.

    And yet they wonder why they are last in the ratings.

    • Truthsayer

      Community doesn’t get a lot of viewers because it’s garbage. Good comedies right now are Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, Louie etc. but Community is just terrible.