Sunday TV Ratings: Super Bowl XLVII Down from 2012 and 2011; ELEMENTARY Fails to Match 2012’s THE VOICE in Post-Game Slot

     February 4, 2013


The TV ratings for last night’s power-deficient Super Bowl XLVII and the post-game episode of Elementary are in.  Though initial reports predicted record-breaking numbers, the total audience for last night’s game hit 108 million viewers, which is shy of 2012’s record 111.3 million viewers and 2011’s 111.0 million.  That said, Super Bowl XLVII still stands as the third most-watched event in television history.  Hit the jump to see how the post-game program fared.

elementary-super-bowl-episodeIn the coveted post-game spot, a special episode of the CBS procedural Elementary fell short of last year’s post-game episode of The Voice, scoring 20.8 million viewers versus The Voice’s 37.6 million viewers.  The smaller audience isn’t entirely the show’s fault, though, as a significant game delay due to power problems meant that Elementary didn’t get started until pretty late in the evening, so some viewers likely skipped the show for sleep.  The numbers are quite a bit higher than the show’s average viewership of 13 million, so hopefully some newcomers stick around.

Scripted programming tends to draw less of an audience in the post-game spot than unscripted fare, and Elementary’s 20.8 million take stands as the third lowest audience since 2003’s Alias which scored 17.4 million viewers and 2003’s American Dad which netted 15.2 million viewers.  The current record-holder for lead-out programming is 1996’s double dose of Friends, which netted 52.9 million viewers. The Kyle Chandler-infused 2006 episode of Grey’s Anatomy also remains high on the list, with an audience of 37.8 million viewers.


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