Thursday TV Ratings: PARKS AND RECREATION and COMMUNITY Hit Series Lows; THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Tops NBC and ABC’s Programming

     February 22, 2013


The TV ratings for Thursday evening’s programs are in.  Here’s a brief look at the highlights:

  • A fantastically funny and heartfelt wedding episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation sadly scored a series low for the comedy, hitting a 1.3 rating and 3.03 million viewers and a 1.4 rating and 2.91 million viewers for two back-to-back episodes.  The first installment is a drop of 13% from last week’s 1.5 rating.
  • Season four of Community continues to struggle, as last night’s Comic-Con-inspired episode notched a 1.1 rating and 3.08 million viewers.  That’s down 8% from last week’s episode and marks a series low for the show.
  • On the flipside, The CW’s The Vampire Diaries bested all of NBC and ABC’s programming in its timeslot, earning a 1.3 rating and 2.89 million viewers for a rise of 30% from last week’s 1.0 rating in the demo.

Hit the jump for the full ratings report for Thursday, February 21st, including Elementary, Two and a Half Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Zero Hour, The Big Bang Theory, and more.


  • community-conventions-of-space-and-timeNBC’s comedy block kicked off with a creatively so-so episode of Community (creator Dan Harmon’s absence is really starting to show), and the installment garnered a 1.1 rating and 3.08 million viewers for an 8% drop from last week’s 1.2 rating for a new series low.
  • Not faring much better ratings-wise was two back-to-back episodes of Parks and Recreation, which hit a 1.3 rating and 3.03 million viewers and a 1.4 rating and 2.91 million viewers.  That’s down 13% from last week’s 1.5 rating, also marking a series low.
  • “Series low” was the secret word for NBC last night, as 1600 Penn also notched its worst performance thus far with a 1.0 rating and 2.30 million viewers.  That’s down 9% from its last original episode’s 1.1 rating for this freshman series.


  • The ratings juggernaut that is The Big Bang Theory continues to dominate the night, as it scored a 5.4 rating and 17.35 million viewers to make it the most-watched and highest-rated show on Thursday by far.  That’s a slight drop of 2% from last week’s 5.5 rating.
  • Two and a Half Men was up 3% from last week’s 3.8 rating with a 3.9 rating and 13.44 million viewers.
  • The procedural Person of Interest garnered a 2.9 rating and 14.13 million viewers, which is down 3% from last week’s 3.0 rating.
  • New series Elementary (which is really quite good) hit a 2.3 rating and 11.05 million viewers, even with last week’s performance.


  • zero-hour-anthony-edwardsABC’s new series Zero Hour took a steep dive in week two, notching a 1.1 rating and 5.32 million viewers.  That’s a drop of 21% from last week’s 1.4 rating for the series premiere, which itself was incredibly low.
  • Grey’s Anatomy saw an uptick in viewership, hitting a 3.0 rating and 8.54 million viewers for a rise of 7% from last week’s 2.8 rating.
  • Scandal garnered a 2.7 rating and 7.62 million viewers, even with last week.

The CW

  • Over at The CW, fan-favorite series The Vampire Diaries outperformed all of NBC and ABC’s programming in the 10pm hour, hitting a 1.3 rating and 2.89 million viewers.  That’s up 30% from last week’s 1.0 rating.
  • Beauty and the Beast scored a 0.6 rating and 1.56 million viewers, up 20% from last week’s 0.5 rating.


  • Keyvon

    -I don’t know what to make of Community. Either it’s gotten worse, or it’s pretty much the same and we’re just thinking it’s worse because we have Harmon’s departure engrained in our minds.

    -Lowest Parks and Rec ratings, on a wedding event no less!? Not a good sign… I’ve heard that this might be P&R’s last season, but I hope that isn’t true. I almost never watch TV, and of the things that I do watch, most of them just ended or are ending, and the others are starting to jump the shark. That pretty much just leaves me with Bob’s Burgers.

    -People need to stop watching CBS. Stop it!

  • Cryder555

    I don’t it’s lack of interest, it’s just NBC’s scheduling turns people off. Maybe I’m getting old, but what happened to one season – one show a week? I feel like every Thursday is a wild card as to which shows are on.

  • Martin Payne

    GET TA STEPPIN!! HAhahaha LMMFAO! It’s ok people you can still watch me and all your other old favorite shows on reruns! Sorry we had to go but we had a good time making you laugh AL Bundy said Wazzzup! We out here chillin with The Fresh Prince he bought the old house he stayed and Archie Bonker on the BBQ! I Gotta go to many ladies in the pool for me to choose I love retirement!