Viral Campaign for REAL STEEL Begins [UPDATED]

     March 15, 2011

Viral Campaign for REAL STEEL slice

With director Shawn Levy’s Real Steel hitting theaters later this year, it was only a matter of time before a viral campaign surfaced for the big-budget sci-fi flick. Today, the campaign kicked into high gear with the first website,, going live. Starring Hugh Jackman, the action-drama takes place in the near future, where human boxers have been replaced by robots. Jackman’s character, a washed-up fighter who lost his job once the more entertaining robots took over, decides to team up with his son to build themselves a championship fighter from scratch and train him to go all the way. Real Steel hits theaters on October 7th of this year. Hit the jump to get the rundown on the viral marketing campaign.

[Update 1: It looks like “Round 1” has been unlocked on the site. Visitors are given an introduction to the Koma Club, “The Birthplace of Robot Boxing”, as well as bios on the men responsible for bringing robot boxing to the masses. It appears that this campaign is going to give us some backstory on how the whole robot boxing thing came to be, in the world of Real Steel. Head over to to check it out.]

[Update 2: Steve here. I checked and noticed at the top of round 1 there was a nine digit code (a1b34cd23) and when I entered it, round 2 opened up.  Each round has the code at the top so as you watch and learn about the history of the WRB – which is really well done – you get the next code.  When you get to rounds 4 and 5 you get new footage from the movie including our first look at Zeus.   I screengrabbed a number of images and they’re after the jump:

Here’s the original story.  Updates at the bottom.  For more on Real Steel, here’s all our previous coverage.

Back in February, opened up with simply a metal logo for a sport called World Robot Boxing appearing on the page.


But this weekend, participants at the gaming convention PAX East found some mysterious remote controllers that had the WRB logo, website URL and a code on the back.

PAX_remote Real Steel viral image

PAX_remote Real Steel viral image

PAX_remote Real Steel viral image

The website was now host to a timer, counting down until 12PM EST today, at which point the site went live and prompted the user to enter a code.



With the site now live, it looks like something will be unlocked if enough correct codes are entered. So head over to to give it a shot.  I’d imagine we need more people who were at PAX East this past weekend.  More as it happens.

You can also click here for all our previous Real Steel coverage.

UPDATES:  Here’s the new screengrabs. These are our first looks at Zeus.  You can watch footage of him in action when you get to round 5.  As i said when I visited the edit bay for this film, the CGI mixed with the practicably effects are incredible.  This is going to be one of those films that really surprises you.





Here’s a closeup of the code



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