Red-Band Trailer for ZOMBIELAND

     August 5, 2009


There are films at Comic-Con that you know will receive a fantastic reception unless they’re strangely hell-bent on disappointing everyone in the room.  If you thought the audience needed to be won over by “Iron Man 2”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Alice in Wonderland” or any of the films at that level, you probably don’t follow movies.  Not that I mind, but to those folks I ask: why are you at this site again?

But there also films like “Zombieland” that are going to get some fantastic word-of-mouth off their time in Hall H and about 6,000 people are going to tell their friends that this may be another zombie movie, but it’s still worth your time.  MySpace just threw the red-band trailer online and it’s an abbreviated version of what we saw at Comic-Con and will make you, dear reader, also tell your friends to see this movie.  Hit the jump to fall in love with zombie-killing all over again.

Head over to MySpace to see it again; thanks to Shock for the heads-up on smashing heads-off.

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