RED DAWN Remake Finally Finds a Home; FilmDistrict to Distribute

     September 26, 2011


The remake of Red Dawn, the last of the MGM films stuck in limbo after the studio went into financial meltdown, has finally found a distributor.  24 Frames reports that FilmDistrict, the studio behind Drive and Soul Surfer, has acquired the distribution rights to the movie, which was made back in 2009.  John Milius’ 1984 movie centered on a group of small-town teenagers fighting off a Russian invasion. It’s a fear-mongering Red Scare film that seems painfully dated even though the collapse of the USSR was still seven years away from the time of the movie’s release.  Dan Bradley’s remake originally cast China as the communist threat, but upon discovery that China actually has money and could provide solid international box office, the villains were changed to the economically isolated North Koreans because apparently one Asian race is as good as another provided you are a racist.

Final details on the deal are still being worked out but the film will likely hit theaters in 2012.  The film stars a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Isabel Lucas, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

  • Clint Southwood

    This should have been released at least a year ago and it is a disgrace that it has been needlessly delayed. It has an interesting cast and shouldn’t go unnoticed by the public when it finally comes out.

  • Rick

    i think Tripp Vinson needs to address exactly who all is invading the USA in this film. One of his statements, said the changes made to the film did not remove all references to CHINA, but gave North Korea a larger role in the coalition that invades the US. So who is the coalition. of course we know North Korea, and Russia is also involved with commando units “Spetsnaz”. If all references to China are not removed, does that mean China is part of the invading force???

  • Brenno

    oh aye, this movie is now totally believable.

    A nation of 24 million who struggles to feed its own populace supposedley invades and conquers a 1st world super power, population of 310 million (nevermind its various 1st world allies), with Soviet era hardware.

  • Excpird

    Maybe North Korea just seems like a more plausible villain. I mean with China becoming more democratized and cultured every year its moving closer and closer in relation to the US than ever before. Meanwhile North Korea is moving further away, for all we know they could have some trick up their sleeve by which to take over the world like Germany did.

    Its unlikely that China would ever invade America because they have too much money riding on our success. Gotta love globalization.

  • 90ina 30

    what is FILM DISTRICT thinking? did they get this for $1.95???

    this movie will tank just like Straw Dogs, Conan, Killer Elite, Abduction and every other generic action movie out there.

    disposable and barely rentable to the target audience

    when Drive and Warrior barely make even a dent, u gotta shake your head over this.


  • Gideon

    Chinese and Koreans are examples of nationalities not races…. The Chinese taking over America is somewhat realistic considering the amount of debt they own of the US’ and the fact they have an incredibly large military that is expanding daily. Also, the Taiwan issue has the potential to lead the US and China into a war against each other.

    North Korea taking over America, on the other hand, is pathetic once you are aware of North Korean economics and military capabilities. North Korea is definitely a regional threat to Asia and a possible nuclear threat to the US, but a full scale invasion is laughable.

  • robbie

    All hail the chinese empire, new rulers of the world. Sorry America but you really need to get used to it.

    Sorry brenno but Chinas current population currently stands at 1,338,248,233, USA’s is 313,975,886. I’m guessing you went to school in 1930 or something?

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