First Teaser Poster for RED STATE; Plus, Kevin Smith Shares Info on the Film

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Director Kevin Smith quietly wrapped shooting his latest film Red State last week, and in what has to be a near-unprecedented move, he screened the entire film for the cast and crew at the wrap party.  It’s no secret that Smith is the editor on all of his films, and usually edits while the film is still shooting.  But with Red State it appears he was able to cut the entire flick by the end of the wrap, credits and all.

Late this morning, Smith cryptically asked via his Twitter account “trick or treat?”  Minutes later, after apparently garnering an overwhelming number of “treats”, Smith posted a link to his blog where he unveiled the fantastic teaser poster for Red State as well as a statement regarding the flick.  Smith’s just coming off the premiere of his EpixHD comedy special Too Fat for 40, about which we had the opportunity to sit down with the man himself to discuss.  For more from Smith, the teaser poster, and info on Red State, hit the jump.

“This puppy is fine-cut,” Smith said on his blog, “complete with credits and some pre-mixing: 92 mins without credits, 98 mins with [an] end credit sequence that’s not to be believed.”  The film was independently financed for $4 million, with the cast and crew taking significant pay cuts according to Smith.  The flick was made out of passion for the project, as Smith explains in his statement:

“You do a movie like RED STATE because you love it; everyone’s there because they wanna be there; there’s not a one of those disgusting, soul-fucking paycheck players in the mix. Passion calls us all together, love of what we’re doing/saying bonds us, and the film is the result; the movie’s a love child.”

Not a great deal is known about the project, but Smith explained the film as such:

“There’s some gallows humor, some dark fucking laughs. And Michael Park’s performance is not to be believed… to me, it plays like an exploitation film. When I was growing up, my favorite kind of movies were devil worshipping movies. This is an angel worship movie. You’ll see what I mean.”

The flick is said to be centered on a Fred Phelps-like family, with Michael Parks (Kill Bill) playing the lead role.  Joining him in a stellar cast is John Goodman, Melissa Leo (Frozen River), Kevin Pollak (A Few Good Men) Stephen Root (No Country for Old Men), Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad), Kyle Gallner (Breaking Bad), and Smith’s “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast co-host Ralph Garman.

Smith plans to screen Red State in January at the Sundance Film Festival in order to find a distributor.  As mentioned before, the flick was independently financed outside of the Hollywood studio system.  In the statement on his blog, Smith says that his producer Jon Gordon and he have decided to call the Red State production company The Harvey Boys, in a nod to their mentor Harvey Weinstein (previous head/founder of Miramax Films).  Smith says it’s a “shout-out to an Indie Icon who once said ‘Fuck this traditional bullshit, I’ll do it my way.’ ”

In fact, Smith’s hit quite an entrepreneurial “my way” stride recently.  His network of podcasts has expanded into seven separate shows, and he created the world’s first podcasting theater, “Smodcastle.”  It’s in keeping with this independent spirit that the teaser poster for Red State was created.  Rather than commissioning an advertising company to create a poster to tie into a marketing campaign, this teaser poster was created by Melissa Bloom, assistant to Red State producer Jon Gordon.  As Smith explains:

“We’ve got a marketing image that was put together by someone who was on set every day, integral to the process that produced the film which inspired this image. This isn’t the work of some gun for hire who’s doing six other campaigns; we’re not just one of many.”

Personally, I think the poster is fantastic.  Even though I know next to nothing about the film, it gives off this creepy, moody vibe that makes me eager to see it as soon as possible.  Not to mention the spectacular cast that Smith put together.  This is shaping up to be one hell of a flick.  After Red State, Smith looks to follow it up with the hockey film Hit Somebody, which he describes as the Forrest Gump of sports movies“.  Check out the stellar teaser poster for Red State below (click to enlarge).


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  • headbanger24

    it’s kind of weird a poster of a Kevin Smith directed movie with the “fear God” thing

    • Jim Goff

      This isn’t going to be like any of his previous films.

    • Kraken

      This movie is actually about ‘people of god’ being the horror :D

  • headbanger24

    it’s kind of weird a poster of a Kevin Smith directed movie with the “fear God” thing

  • rbevanx

    I don’t wanna be rude but I did laugh when I saw that poster.

    • Alex

      Actually that’s probably intentional. It’s got this effed up, sacrilegious, documentary vibe but also a really scary tone to it all at the same time. Quite brilliant.

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  • Droncz92

    Ralph Garmen!! Woo woo

  • Heylo_99

    Michael Parks as a Fred Phelps type priest? I can totally see that. Why we don’t have a hall of fame for character actors I’ll never know-

  • RudinFilargo

    kevin smith sucks now, though

    • Kraken

      how many people that make movies make a movie everybody loves every single time? I doubt he’s looking for you approval.

    • Kraken

      how many people that make movies make a movie everybody loves every single time? I doubt he’s looking for you approval.

  • Alex

    9/11 made a lot of people in the film industry looking cowardly. I didn’t see too many people there stand up for Theo Van Gogh, the man related to the famous painter who was stabbed to death over his film. It’s just hard to take them seriously in regards to parodying middle America. If I met Kevin Smith you just want to say ‘Mohammed Jihad!’ just to see what they’re reaction would be.

    I think America is still realing from that dark day involving planes… where Kevin Smith was thrown off becuase he weighed too much. How will we ever go one after that. I mean, that is bad… for him. But it’s funny to some of us.

    • Kraken

      oh aren’t we brave making fun of fat people on the internet

    • Conner Morris

      I think your thinking of michael moore not kevin smith, kevin smith is not linked to 9/11

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  • Meed Hi

  • Meed Hi
  • da_truf

    Wow, I can’t believe someone finally got Kevin Smith to self promote something in an interview!!!!!

    This movie is going to suck and Smith is a moron when it comes to politics. Of course his dedicated fan base will call the movie brilliant no matter how awful it actually is and Kevin Smith will have more stories to tell on his speaking tours where he sucks even more money from them. I tell you , it is amazing how this guy has kept his schtick going and how he is able to milk a cult fan base for all enough money to live a fat life.

    • “that” guy

      Somebody sounds jaded…what happen? You guys have a one night stand and he didn’t call you back? :<

      • J. J. J. Shabadoo Jr.

        Yeah, the “one night stand” was Clerks and Smith never called back with another decent film.

      • Dezvyn

        he did. he made chasing amy.

    • Crazyhead0116

      I consider myself a fan of Smith, but I have no problem saying some of his movies were kinda crap. But that’s kinda what makes a good director; being able to make something that you can’t be sure if people will like it or not. Also trying to make something different from what you’ve done before. Now with this movie, I don’t know enough about it to predict one way or another. And I doubt you know anymore than I do.

  • The.Watcher

    I’m a big fan of Kevin Smith, let’s hope this will be better than Cop Out. I couldn’t even sit through 20 minutes of that POS. Fuck Tracey Morgan, is there really anyone in the world who thinks his childlike tantrums are funny?

    • bob

      Kevin Smith seemingly.

    • Crazyhead0116

      That type of comedy was beneath anything else Smith had done

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