6 Movie Clips and 52 Images from George Lucas’ RED TAILS

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With director Anthony Hemingway‘s World War II action-drama Red Tails opening January 20, 20th Century Fox has provided us with six clips and fifty-two images from the film.  Produced by George Lucas, the movie is based on the real-life story of the first all African-American squadron and their fight to defend our country.  They were given second-hand planes and the most dangerous missions, and it makes their story all the more incredible.

I actually spoke to someone tonight that recently saw the film and they said the action scenes are incredible and the film was better than they expected.  Which is always good to hear.  Red Tails stars Terrence Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bryan Cranston, Brandon T. Jackson, Nate Parker, David Oyelowo, Ne-Yo, Elijah Kelly, Tristan Wilds, Cliff Smith, Rick Otto, Daniela Ruah, and Michael B. Jordan.  Hit the jump to watch the clips.

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  • LEM

    Whoever decided to use dubstep in the trailer is an idiot.

  • Joe

    I’m surprised Cuba still gets top billing on a movie.

  • rob

    finally a black movie i want to watch really bad.

  • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

    The action looks great, but how’s the story, character development, dramatic intensity and realism? The fact that George Lucas is involved gives me great pause.
    The trailer seems overwrought and sappy. Will this be the Hallmark version of a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen? I suspect this movie is going to pull punches and go for easy dramatic cliches rather than truly address the issues pertinent to their stories.

  • keileen

    gross black people run aaahhh!!!!!

  • Joedude

    Tyler Perry Presents Tuskeegee Wings

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  • Amac

    This movie will be really good. Great images as well. Looks pretty sharp. They’re running a great ad campaign, and I love how Lucas took his hands off the story and let AA filmmakers make a film about AA heroes. Gonna have a lot of heart in it.

    • Amac

      Oh, and Anthony Hemingway for president

  • Lena Banks


    Thank you for nice writing on 6 Movie Clips and 52 Images from George Lucas’ RED TAILS I was searching for this type article for long time.


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