RESIDENT EVIL 5 Set to Be Released in 3D on September 14, 2012

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As audiences continue to disagree with my wishes and see Resident Evil movies, it only makes sense that Screen Gems will continue to make new ones.  The fourth installment in the series, Resident Evil: Afterlife grossed almost $300 million worldwide and last September, star Milla Jovovich said they were seeking fan input, which is always a good idea because producers need to know that @RE5NotRacist thinks the series needs “mur bewbs”.

Whether or not the film will in fact have “mur bewbs”, Exhibitor Relations’ Facebook page reports that Resident Evil 5 (tentative title) will be released in “eye-gouging 3D” on September 14, 2012.  The September box office has been kind to the Resident Evil franchise and clearly Screen Gems sees no reason to mess with a “good” thing.  There are currently no other films set for release that weekend.

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  • Muertos

    If the King’s Speech had bewbs, I would have seen it.

  • Stinky

    “…which is always a good idea because producers need to know that @RE5NotRacist thinks the series needs “mur bewbs” ”

    Hilarious. Spot on.

    Haven’t seen any of the RE flicks… nor Final Destination, Saw or any horror remake/reboot.

    But there is a market for it. 3D is giving people the chance to see cinematic train wrecks up close and personal, and they’re digging it.

    I may say this franchise can sniff the lower equator of my taint, but as long as it makes cash, they’ll keep churning out sequels.

    • Enigmatic

      Why is that people feel the need to insult others who like movies that just so happen to not be up there alley? I’m mean you just said you haven’t even seen any of these movies? You may even surprise yourself and end up liking one.

  • camcom
  • Alex–

    Although I like the RE series, the last one by Anderson was a dissapointment since it’s probably his second worst film. So I hope he’s a little more inspired this time, or get someone who’s more inspired to write the script.

    By the way, this will soon become the longest female led movie series ever and in one more film the longest action franchise ever.

    • Excpired

      I agree on this, people gave the first three crap but they were about the same quality of pirates of carrib, the first one was actually a REALLY good zombie flick and people who say otherwise are on crack. The second and third were fun for people who like the universe and can’t get enough of Jovovich. The fourth one was just terrible IMO, I saw it in theaters as I did the first 3 and i didn’t like it at all, it had none of the trademark features that the first 3 had, the storyline was balls and the zombies were freakin’ ridiculous!

      Like, where the hell did the hulk come from half way into the movie, it makes NO SENSE. Is that some dude who lives in LA and just happened to double as a BDSM / Viking who is 10 feet tall… wdf. All the other “large” and deformed villains in the previous movies were adequately explained and were a central part of the storyline. This guy just shows up out of nowhere and we don’t know how he became different than other zombies, or why he is attacking them.

      Also the 10 minute slow-mo at the beginning w/ the asian chick was just retarded.

      Go back to the formula of the first 3, that was GOOD!!! And for christ sake don’t focus on 3D at the expense of storyline or plausibility. It just makes no sense when a dogs head randomly splits in half for what the fk reason, and then comes back together… huh?

      • Alex–

        Well let me just say that Afterlife was spectacular in the cinemas. It literally made my jaw drop several times. Compared to it, Inception really was a joke.

        I want Anderson to keep that, cause in my view he basically justified 3D as the future of live action cinema. But the slow pace of the film and it’s lack of imagination was a not good.

        The other films were engaging and fun.

    • THGhost

      “By the way, this will soon become the… longest action franchise ever.”

      What about James Bond? Batman? Police Academy? Godzilla? Halloween? A Nightmare On Elm Street? Friday The 13th? Star Wars? Star Trek?

  • Excpired

    I forgot to mention the sound track was balls. Way too much Jap synth-beat.

  • Grimcicle

    Stop it. Just stop it. Right now.

  • Twowolves

    The key to enjoying these movies is to view them as live action comic books instead of horror movies.

  • ronnie42

    enjoy it? it was horrible, nothing made any sense, even wesker made less sense then the weird 4-5 arc while the 4th movie just throwned anything it could with no decent plot, all the people who should have been the main cast ended up feeling side kicks

  • Dave


    You dont know great music, thats why… There was some Perfect Circle in it.

    On topic,

    I really liked Afterlife and the 3D was one of the best I have seen. It is really some great action entertaining.


  • Jordan N.

    Crack? I think not. Having seen them all, I can attest to the fact that the RE movies are indeed horrible and derivative, just like the Saw and Final Destination movies. There is little defensible about them: bad acting, bad dialogue, bad special effects, bad story (when there is one).

    I am not suggesting good movies can’t be made from these ideas, I’m just saying it hasn’t been done yet. Resident Evil might make for a decent game, but so far the movies have been underwhelming to say the least.

    Don’t get me started on the 3D nonsense. I will say it’s nice to see in 50 years 3D is exactly as it was in the 60s, along with becoming relegated to exploitation pictures (I hope, anyway).

  • Daniel M.

    Same quality as Pirates of the Caribbean? Comparatively, Inception was a joke? Seriously, I like the RE movies, but you guys are seriously lacking what it takes to tell a good story from a bad story. The last RE movie was horrible and the 3D made it worse. To be honest, people like you are what make SyFy movies cult classics. That is not a good thing, btw. Jordan N. said it best. “bad acting, bad dialogue, bad special effects, bad story (when there is one).”

  • Sly Robbo

    Why do all movies have to be so perfect…pull ya heads out of ya asses and accept it as good fun…as for the axe welding giant he was sent there by Wesker as he had tracked her there by satellite…Imagine how boring the world would be if everyone liked the same movies…just look at the crap that wins academy awards 95% of them are pooring rubbish.
    RE4 = good fun can’t wait for number 5.

    • Steven D

      I agree with Sly, I enjoyed all the RE movies and i’m really excited for a 5th. I did have to re-watch the last one a couple of times to understand certain things that they left unsaid for us to figure out on our own, but it was great and something I can watch over and over again.

  • Sly Robbo

    whoops…boring rubbish that should…lol
    well it is 3.30am here in gods country (Australia)

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