RESIDENT EVIL 6 Set for Release on September 12, 2014

     March 4, 2013


Fans of the Resident Evil film franchise can now rest easy knowing that the story will continue in at least one more feature.  The folks over at STYD have learned that Resident Evil 6 has been given a September 12, 2014 release date, confirming that the sequel will indeed be moving forward.  This is a bit of a curious development, as last we heard, director Paul W.S. Anderson was gearing up to film the epic Pompeii this year with Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) set as the lead.  If the 2014 date for Resident Evil is indeed true, there’s no possible way that Anderson is filming both movies this year; either the production start-date for Pompeii has been pushed or someone else is directing Resident Evil 6 or Pompeii.

Though last year’s Resident Evil: Retribution broke the series’ impressive streak of each film grossing more than its predecessor, its final total of $221 million worldwide is nonetheless striking.  I’ve only ever seen the first Resident Evil so I have no idea where the series is at plot-wise, but Anderson told us last September that he had a story in mind for RE6 that involved a lot of death and would possibly bring the franchise to a close.  What about you, Resident Evil fans?  What do you hope to see in the next sequel?

  • Armand


  • Scum

    Resident evil 5 was crap don’t bother with 6 the damage has been done.

  • TDot

    Canadian producer Don Carmody and director Paul W S Anderson start shooting “Pompeii” in Toronto, April 22, 2013 to July 5, 2013, for Constantin Film.

    This gives a window to shoot the next “Resident Evil”, in Toronto, in the Fall…

  • Al Conyado

    WTF!!! How is this happening again!!??

  • dodoriz

    While these aren’t my favorite films, I have to admit I think the 5th is the best in the franchise. I’m glad that they’re making part 6 and if it is the finale, with the way part 5 ended, its going to be one hell of a movie.

    • michael

      5 was the best ?
      id have to see your criteria. There was very little plot. There was very little linking it to the previous movies. halfway through the movie i was so confused the 2nd half was wasted on me. The whole movie was a suspension of reality. The first movie was good. Gritty and consistent. The 2nd one started to ‘fan out’ with substance and plot but still watchable. The third and fourth was more like walking after a trip. You cant really stop so you move forward only because you dont have a choice. After the 5th movie, i will not be going back to the theater to see number 6. The best outcome of number 6, would be that it ends the franchise.

  • Merlin235

    Why won’t this franchise die?

  • hatersGonnaHATE

    i love the whole RE franchise..! Whether its a game,movie,cgi movie. Why these haters wont stop hating!! Nobody is forcing you to watch the movie, so stop bitching about it..! Go on RE 6! After this one, Im hoping 4 a reboot as well. :) cant wait!

    • Gögi

      if you enjoy these movies, then you most likely found re5 to be the best of the series. not a single movie has been like the first three games. at best, theyre like code veronica…

    • GunsOfNavarone

      Firstly the whole haters gonna hate shit was coined by Chris Brown and there is plenty to hate about that guy. Secondly, the reason we all hate the franchise is because it’s like watching a cut scene from a shitty bargain bin PS1 game. This franchise has so much potential if it was done with a little respect. Paul WS Anderson might as well pull his trousers down and shit on the camera lens. He’s almost on par with Uwe Boll at this point.

      • Great white hype

        I’ve been hoping for a reboot since the first one. The problem with this series is that it shouldn’t even be called Resident Evil. Anderson lacks the creativity to come up with anything original so he just steals what he wants from the games and shoehorns it in. And to O’Fagan from the facebook comments. Grow a brain. So no one in the world who doesn’t make movies can’t criticize them? Twilight made a bunch of money, go watch that R-tard. Enjoy the dumbing down of the world. You’re making a great contribution.

  • The Dim Knight

    YES! YES! YES! Oh, thank you God! My prayers have been answered! I was just saying to myself yesterday, “You know, I really need another pointless, soul-sucking, crap-fest of a movie to dread in 2014.” Now I can sit in a theater and claw my eyes out in absolute life-negating agony…. Is the sarcasm, perhaps, a bit thick?

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  • Bruce LeeRoy

    Name One video game movie before Silent Hill that was as good and successful It’s first time out and is still going?……..Didn’t Think So! This will be the last one anyway it’s too late too down this film give it a damn rest! And if wasn’t for the success of Resident Evil there would be no Silent Hill The Movie or Assasins Creed The Movie in the making along with the handfull of other video game movies! The comments on here do nothing but state the fact it is over so it really makes no diffrence! I hope it goes out good because nothing has been anywhere near this film!

  • guilty expleasure

    Most of my friends HATE this series, but it has always been a guilty pleasure for me, mostly for the charisma and looks of Mila. However, 5 is unwatchable, a total cash grab of throwing in recycled elements from all the previous movies, plus ripped off plot points from other movies (a whole chunk from Aliens.) Glad I saw it on a flight, and didn’t pay for it….

  • Nate

    This is literally one of the worst franchise’s out there. Sad too, because I was a huge fan and still am of the Resident Evil 1-5 games. Sorry 6. Maybe the new director of Evil Dead should do a reboot!?

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  • Crybabies

    STFU you fucking idiots, screw you if the movies arent like the games you f@gs no one gives a fk about the games

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