Exclusive: Watch Rian Johnson Go Deep on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in 70-Minute Q&A

While Collider has hosted a number of cool screenings over the past few years, the one we did last week at IMAX HQ might be the top of the list. That’s because after showing Star Wars: The Last Jedi in IMAX, I got to sit down with writer-director Rian Johnson for an almost 70-minute interview where he spoke in-depth about the making of the movie. Not only did he discuss everything from the writing process to deleted scenes, he also answered a number of questions from the fans in attendance, like where he got the inspiration for Rose’s necklace and why Captain Phasma “got the Boba Fett treatment.”

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, getting to ask Rian Johnson questions about how The Last Jedi was made was something I’ll never forget and the words “thank you” don’t fully express how special the night was for all that attended the event. Not only did Rian Johnson do the extended Q&A, but after that ended he surprised the audience by taking pictures and signing autographs with everyone that attended the screening! Trust me, that is not the norm and just another reason why everyone left the event on cloud nine.

With so many people asking for tickets for the screening/Q&A (we had over 1,500 people ask for tickets), we knew this was one of those special nights we needed to have cameras rolling. So if you weren’t there and have been wondering what Rian Johnson talked about, check out the player above where you can see the full Q&A!

As usual, I’ve listed out everything that was talked about so you can watch the parts that interest you, although this is one of those Q&As where if you have the time the entire conversation is worth a listen.

Finally, I’d like to give a big thank you to IMAX for being such an awesome screening partner and to Rian Johnson for literally spending hours talking with me and the fans.

Rian Johnson:

  • Was there ever any debate of showing Han Solo’s funeral?
  • Was there any debate at any point of showing other Force Ghosts besides Yoda?
  • Talks about a potential Obi-Wan spinoff movie.
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    Who made the decision of where the pants would be in Kylo Ren’s shirtless scene?

  • Talks about the relationship between Rey and Kylo in the film. Says all the “Force Time” scenes were filmed with both actors present, so Adam Driver flew to Ireland just to be offscreen talking to Daisy Ridley, who was on camera.
  • What happened to the students Kylo Ren took with him after burning down the Jedi Temple?
  • What’s the status of his new trilogy that he’s writing? Says he honestly still don’t know if he’ll direct all three movies.
  • Johnson confirms Chewbacca did not eat the porg he was roasting.
  • How did Benicio Del Toro’s character come about?
  • Says Poe was one of the hardest characters to write for and reveals he originally went to Canto Bight with Finn.
  • Was he intimated about approaching Lucasfilm with his ideas for the movie?
  • Did working on Breaking Bad prepare him for coming into an established franchise like Star Wars?
  • Image via Lucasfilm

    Talks about the Star Wars Says he watched them a lot both in the writing and when they were in prep to shoot because he wasn’t as steeped in them as he was with the originals.

  • Talks about the scene when Kylo picks up Han’s dice and what’s going on in his mind.
  • Discusses Carrie Fisher’s notes on Leia that were incorporated into the film and working with her.
  • Collaborating with John Williams for the score. Says Williams sits at the piano with the score sheets and a pencil and sketches it out, without temping it out on keyboards or anything.
  • Talks about the process of writing Luke’s ending and deciding to kill him, and his ensuing conversations with Mark Hamill about what should happen.
  • What’s his favorite Carrie Fisher story?
  • Of all the surprising twists was there anything that surprised him?
  • Talks about how each character had to learn a lesson in The Last Jedi.
  • Reveals his favorite line of dialogue from the film, which he says Benicio Del Toro came up with.
  • Why did Captain Phasma get the Boba Fett treatment?
  • Where did he get the inspiration to Rose’s necklace?

Again, a huge thank you to Rian Johnson for doing this event with us and to all the fans that attended the screening. Was a night I’ll never forget.

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Image via Lucasfilm

Image via Lucasfilm

Image via Lucasfilm

Image via Lucasfilm

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