R.I.P. Richard Attenborough (1923 – 2014)

     August 24, 2014


Director and actor Richard Attenborough has passed away at the age of 90.  Perhaps best known to U.S. audiences as the kindly but misguided John Hammond in Jurassic Park, Attenborough’s career spanned seven decades and in 1983 he won Best Director and Best Picture for Gandhi.  His other directing credits included the star-studded A Bridge Too Far, the screen adaptation of the beloved stage musical A Chorus Line, and the biopic Chaplin, which earned Robert Downey Jr. a Best Actor nomination.  His notable acting roles include Brighton Rock, 10 Rillington Place, The Great Escape, and many more.  In 1993, Queen Elizabeth II awarded a life peerage to the British filmmaker.

Our deepest condolences go out to Lord Attenborough’s family and friends.  For more in-depth look at his life and accomplishments, click here.

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  • Stefan Bonomo

    Damn this sucks, another one of the greats gone. I wish that he shot a cameo for Jurassic World just so we can see him on screen one more time. Also wish he could’ve directed another film, Ghandi & Chaplin are great! May he RIP. :(

  • Leejoe12

    Spelt as Gandhi

    • http://collider.com Matt Goldberg



    Wow I literally just re-watched the Jurassic trilogy. Spielberg said in a BTS featurette he would love to bring Hammond back..hopefully he did do something for Jurassic World. Wow very sad, RIP and my blessings and bes wishes to your family. What a gifted actor and director…you’ll still always be Santa to me ” I BELIEVE” – Miracle on 34th St

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    R.I.P. Richard Attenborough
    Your Gandhi is one of the greatest movie ever made. One of my favorite movie.

  • wESh

    Is it me or this August was really a sad month for many of the greatest… RIP

    • randommale7

      This whole year more well known filmmakers and actors have been passing more than usual.

  • randommale7

    I was just in a lecture with a Producer who had work with him, had nothing but good things the say about him. A sad day but apparently he was had been rather ill for quite some time.

  • Colin Christian

    He starred in one of the best serial Killer movies ever, 10 Rillington Place,as Christie,the murderer. He played the banality of evil with utter conviction,really creepy flick,filmed at the real location,very unnerving.i highly recommend it,you will be in for a surprise,starring a young John Hurt in a case that changed the British legal system…amazing movie.

  • Oliver Queen

    I was hoping for a cameo in J World, RIP Mister!

  • DEADP00L

    A terribly gifted, moral, principled and humane man. This man’s BBC TV series that he produced and directed was what introduced me to South African apartheid and the very concept of Africa in general as a kid. I think hes the longest standing UNICEF ambassador whose been EVERYWHERE, done all that can be done and been through all that one can go through.

    I’m too young to have known him from Jurassic Park but I knew him from his movie Gandhi which was played for us in school. How fitting the man was a champion of human rights for children and against the Iraq war, his work with natural relief efforts and work in places like Zimbabwe, Srilanka, Palestine, Thailand, South Africa, India.

    His films and documentaries alone highlight the state of Hollywood today but his contribution to cinema and humanity is legend.

    I’m only happy the man lived a long and very colorful and fulfilling life. I still love how he tells the story of how he slept through the Blitz.

  • TigerFIST