PROMETHEUS VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers Talks Collaborating with Ridley Scott, THE COUNSELOR, and Bryan Singer’s X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

     February 6, 2013


While some had issues with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus (I thought it was great), I’ve never heard a bad word about the visual effects.  At last night’s VES Awards (visual effects), I got to speak with Prometheus Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Stammers.  We talked about collaborating with Ridley Scott, which shot was the hardest to get right, the mixed reaction to the movie, and more.  In addition, Stammers talked about what visual effects work he’s doing on Scott’s next film The Counselor, and revealed he’s working on Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Of course, I asked if he’s started developing Sentinels.  Hit the jump for what he had to say.

Richard Stammers Time Index:

  • :13 Talks collaborating with Ridley Scott on Prometheus.
  • :54 What was the hardest shot to get right? Talks about creating the Engineer holograms.
  • 1:53 Talks about the mixed reaction to the movie.
  • 2:26 What has he been working on since Prometheus? Talks about Ridley Scott’s The Counselor.
  • 3:13 Has he talked to Scott about a Prometheus sequel or the new Blade Runner?
  • 3:28 Says he’s currently working on X-Men: Days of Future Past. Steve asks him if he’s started developing Sentinels.
  • 4:16 Talks about his enthusiasm for working on X-Men.

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  • Dominik Klein

    After “The Counselor”, which Ridley considers a “small project inbetween to relax a bit” I think, he sure as hell better starts working on either the Prometheus Sequel or the New Blade Runner Film. I would prefer Blade Runner, just out of curiosity how Ridley will translate that films world into the new times. We ve already seen his Alien taken to the new film times with Prometheus, now its time for Blade Runner. A long time I was deeply and wholeheartedly against a new Blade Runner film, I considered it to be one of those films better to be left alone for all coming times, but since its Ridley I allow him to do it. I recall hearing a rumor floating arround in 2007 of McG eyeing an new Blade Runner film. Good lord, that would ve been awful. Also, when he makes the Prometheus-Sequel he better come up with some good-ass clean-up for the incoherent mess the first one created. Also, the ship Prometheus was destroyed in the end of the first film, so calling the film Prometheus 2 or anything else having the word Prometheus in the title would be uninspired and also dumb. Sure, there is still the idea of the Prometheus-Legend that reflects upon the movie themes but still…Ridley, you better call the Sequel just “Paradise. Since they re going to the Engineers homeworld, and calling it Paradise is suspenseful yet intrueging. And it is Clean-Cut. But overall Prometheus was lackluster and left me highly unsatisfied. If the new Blade Runner and the Prometheus Sequel turn out to have the same quality I rather dont have them at all. If Ridley cant afford true greatness in SciFi anymore he should just retire, being the old-ass man he is, or pulling an Eastwood and focusing just on smaller projects, and potentially dramas for an late career oscar win. The Counselor would be a great starting point for this. Or if he doesent want to get Eastwood-small with his films, he can still pull a Scorsese and still make films that have A-List actors and bigger budgets, yet not being highly anticipated fan tentpole blockbusters. This way he could find a middle ground in crowd entertainment and making serious award worthy stuff with a certain edge. This is what Scorsese does great lately. Whatever he chooses to do I just hope he doesent pull a Coppola, cause his would mean he produces good wine and not make films anymore at all, except for some amateurish bullcrap with D-List actors which he shoots on his private estates independently, movies that hardly qualify to be called movies, thus digging a grave for his legacy. He should rather pull a Leone then and just die on a heart attack.
    Anyway, I d prefer most and foremost good Blade Runner and Prometheus films / sequels.

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  • RobThom

    “I thought it was great”

    You are incorrect
    And your grasp of quality is in doubt

  • RobThom

    Stammers seems like a cool and honest guy

    The visual effects of prometheus were NOT the problem
    He has every right to be proud of THAT part of the movie

    ““small project inbetween to relax a bit””

    Good lord!

    Ridley gets to directly collaborate with one of the greatest writers and novelists of the modern era,
    and its a small project for relaxing?

    Well then what was working with lindelof?

    A giant studio shlub project for sleep walking through quality control?

    I have a feeling ridles is going to mess up a great script by Cormac next (he’s already done that by adding brad pitt to it),
    and if he ever gets around to another BR its sure to be even worse then prometheus was

    If he has to do prometheus 2 or BR, please let it be prometheus 2!
    He cant salt that ground any further

    But Ridley should just retire instead!
    He’s too weak and old to overcome his own flaws anymore

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