Rick McCallum to Produce Sci-Fi Project R’HA

     June 6, 2013


Rick McCallum of Star Wars and Lucasfilm fame is attached to produce the feature-length adaptation of R’Ha, a sci-fi project that started as a short film.  Matthew Graham (Life on Mars) has been tapped to pen the screenplay.  Although this will be McCallum’s first sci-fi project since departing Lucasfilm, he’ll be assisted by Steve Tzirlin, who was a producer on Star Wars: Clone Wars and worked with McCallum at Lucasfilm, and original producers Raymond Brothers and Scott Glassgold of IAM Entertainment.  The original short film, from creator Kaleb Lechowski (who will also direct the feature) follows a species of non-humans – the R’Ha – who defend a group of solar systems from attack.  Hit the jump for more, including the short in question.

Heat Vision reports that McCallum will come on board to produce the feature-length version of R’Ha.  See what he had to say about the picture after taking a look at the short film below:

From McCallum:

“What inspires me and our team is that there are no humans whatsoever in the film, and yet Kaleb has come up with a world that is so engaging and so alive and so real that it really is very different from anything else I have seen in the sci-fi world.  We want to make it as a European film, using VFX facilities from all over Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, and do it for a price that not only allows Kaleb total control of his unique vision, but is incomprehensible in the big-budget VFX world that we now live in!”



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  • james

    Rick McCallum needs to come back to star wars, because jj is going to mess it up like he did with star trek remakes. JJ IS A FUCKING HACK!

    • Devin Reed

      Rick’s time with Lucasfilm came to a natural end. Besides, are you really implying that you’d rather have him on board as producer than Kathleen Kennedy??

    • MIXTER

      The guy SAVED Trek from a fate worse than death. Oh, no actually, he saved it FROM death. Thats right, Star Trek actually died. Lame film after lame film till they would not even make any more. Became expensive box office flops.

      Now, I’m not saying he captured the charm of some of the earlier Shatner crew films. But he made films for a more broader audience. Mainly by not sending them to sleep!

      Considering these new films are set BEFORE the dated looking 60s tv series, I think he’s done a pretty bang on job! Not bad for a non-Trekky too.
      However, he is a Star Wars OT fan, so I’m not worried about the sequels. (I do hope he uses zero lens-flare in them though.)

    • Alan Burnett

      You know Abrams hate is ridiculous when people are arguing that Rick McCallum, aka the guy that helped give us THE PREQUELS, is going to save Star Wars.

      • mbmarquis69

        I wouldn’t be too concerned about the above comment. That’s just the same Sybil troll who keeps changing his/her/its profile name and posting HACK in all caps on every Star Wars/Star Trek/JJ Abrams article. I understand why trolls do what they do, it’s the only forum in their life where they feel like they can elicit an emotional response. Because in real life you would probably never know they are in the room. It’s sad. And I don’t mean that in a flippant, asshole way. It’s genuinely, tragically depressing that someone is that starved for attention.

  • cedartreeradar

    maybe the interrogator is a little too maxtrixy but the design of the pharoah creature was cool the word incomprehensible made me laugh because it just about describes most of the prequels and probably portions of my comment

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    Absolutely stunning!!!

    Only one thing I’d change for this full length version. … The Voice. Seeing Aliens with American accents really ruins the authenticity and takes me out of the picture. I’d either come up with an Alien language with subtitles (like District 9). Or at least give it a neutral English accent. However, this looks beautiful!

    • mbmarquis69

      Agreed. I would go one step further and say that any ethnic or regional accent coming from an alien’s mouth is distracting. Think about all the characters from the SW prequels: The Neimoidians, Watto, Dexter. The best aliens in Star Wars were the ones who needed subtitles. I miss those aliens. (EDIT: About the only prequel-era alien with a regional dialect that works in my opinion is Cad Bane from The Clone Wars series, but that may have more to do with the fact that the character is just plain badass.)

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