Ricky Gervais Says THE INVENTION OF LYING Will Hit Theatres on September 25th

     May 25, 2009

ricky_gervais_headline_thumbnail_01.jpgYou may have been wondering what happened to Ricky Gervais’ “This Side of the Truth”, a clever film about a man (played by Gervais) who inhabits a world where people only tell the truth until he discovers he can lie.  Well, the first thing you should know is that it’s no longer titled “This Side of the Truth” and is now called “The Invention of Lying”.  On his website, Gervais explains:

Oh yes, we’ve changed the title by the way. Just when Steve (Merchant) and I had decided on Cemetery Junction after not being allowed to mention anything to do with The Prudential, Matt (Robinson) and I decided to revert to the original title of our film – The Invention of Lying.

I loved This Side of the Truth but we worried that in all the marketing it would be difficult to try to get the concept across. If you go more “on the nose” with the title you can be more creative with trailers and posters. Anyway, here are the final verdicts;

The film previously known at The Man from The Pru is now called CEMETERY JUNCTION
The film previously known as This Side of the Truth is now called THE INVENTION OF LYING

Along with these title changes, Gervais revealed on Letterman that the film will be released on September 25th.  After the jump, check out the video of Gervais talking about the title change and the release date (it starts around the 8-minute mark).

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