Necro-Armor Concept Art for RIDDICK; Filming Begins in a Few Weeks

     October 17, 2011


The long-in-development Riddick is finally closing in on its start date.  Producer and star Vin Diesel has been keeping fans updated by posting on his Facebook page and sharing pieces of concept art.  Yesterday, Diesel showed off some concept art for Necro-armor.  As you may recall from The Chronicles of Riddick (or not, which is fine because it’s not a good movie), the Necromongers are the bad guys and they’ll be factoring into the plot for the upcoming sequel.  The concept art is only one design for the Necro-armor and it doesn’t look like it will be used since Diesel commented, “Haha, I had to share.”  Diesel added the movie “starts principal photography in weeks” and re-confirmed the R-rating.

Hit the jump to check out the concept art.  Riddick also stars Karl Urban.

Concept art via Vin Diesel’s Facebook page.



  • James Madsen

    I wish Vin Diesel would do more non-Riddick, non-Fast and Furious and non-XXX movies.

  • Tarek

    the arms are too short.
    Honestly, I am not impressed.

  • Jdsmoothe

    I dont know about everyone else but I loved The Chronicles of Riddick…while it was no masterpiece, it was a very good film. Yes I know, it didn’t have the scares that Pitch Black did but regardless it was still a highly entertaining, beauituflly staged film. I am MORE than excited and will spread the word around about the next Riddick film. Can’t wait to see the Furyan kick some Necromonger ass! :)

  • Tarek

    We cannot have enough Riddick indeed.

  • Lulzatron

    Can someone who doesn’t hate TCoR give us updates on Riddick? The only thing Matt is good for is trashing movies.

    If you have the time to trash TCoR in parenthesis, you could also take the time to praise the reconfirmed R-rating in parenthesis. But we know Matt….

  • Tarek

    I don’t care. Riddick is great stuff. The score was also amazing.

  • Spock Jenkins

    Chronicles was one of the best space films ( only space films ) of recent years, all set to be positioned as the next great sci-fi epic saga, but for the critics’ unwarranted panning of this movie.

    Epic soundtrack, great story, and a compelling universe and fantastically realised special effects.
    I loved Chronicles ( and it was a darn sight better and internally coherent than any of the new Star Wars prequels ). I hope we can see more of this world again, critics’ opinions be damned.

  • Miguel

    I liked THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. I thought it was fun and entertaining. Plus, it had cool effects and Vin Diesel kicking ass.

    I look forward to a new RIDDICK film. I almost this next film were the second movie in a trilogy. You know, like having PITCH BLACK as a prologue were his character is introduced and later played with on a trilogy.

    Just sayin’