THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS Director Rob Cohen to Helm ROAD HOUSE Remake

     November 24, 2013


While the Fast & Furious franchise is currently on its seventh installment and fourth director, the series was first kicked into gear with 2001′s The Fast and the Furious as a street racing film from director Rob Cohen.  He went on to direct the over-the-top actioner xXx and last year’s James Patterson adaptation Alex Cross, but now he has his sights set on a remake of a 1980s favorite.  The Wrap reports that Cohen will helm a redo of the 1989 Patrick Swayze pic Road House for MGM.  The original film revolved around a charming bouncer with a mysterious past who is hired to tame a rather dingy dive bar. Michael Stokes wrote the script for the remake.

Hit the jump to relive Patrick Swayze badassery by way of the trailer for the original Road House, and start dream-casting actors suitable to fill Swayze’s shoes in the comments section.



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  • Matt Sallusti

    When a man puts a loaded gun in your face, you’ve got but 2 choices. You can die or you can ???????

  • billmarz

    It would have to be someone who knows martial arts and is a big enough name to do that character justice. I’m thinking maybe Statham unless they go with someone younger.

    • Nadgers

      Scott Adkins.

      • billmarz

        Adkins could be the main henchman bad guy. But if it’s going to be a big budget movie to be in the theaters then they need to have a well known cast. I know Statham does a lot of straight to dvd movies I just hope this doesn’t end up being one of them. If he gets the part. Straight to dvd movies suck.

  • Jamesy

    This seems to have Statham all over it, or Jason Momoa (f**king hope not!)

  • colomba

    statham would just make it “another statham-movie” unfortunately.. Channing Tatum? Vin Diesel? he did a good darker part in “A man Apart”.

  • JK1193

    I think Channing Tatum would be a good match for it honestly. Apart from the obvious similarities to Swayze, he’s the only one I can picture for this right now and as well as the charismatic side, he can definately handle the physical action that is going to be required, especially with a director like Cohen at the helm. Looking back at films like xXx, you know everyone is going to be on a wild ride.

    • billmarz

      Tatum’s not believable enough as a action star. Plus I’m sure he doesn’t know martial arts. Which if there going to keep true to the original then they need a guy who can do karate.

  • Colomba

    Tom Hardy!

    Edgarton. Tatum. Diesel.

    • Mathurin

      Dude! Tom Hardy would be brilliant! Not that big of a guy and already shown he can handle fight scenes in Warrior.

  • Daz

    Think Statham could be a good fit, if they work the contrasts between a cockney Londoner and smalltown, redneck America. That’d make for a good angle.

  • Dakota Lancaster

    The original is one of those movies you forget how incredibly violent it is until you catch it on TV randomly one night. It’s also one I believe could only work in the 80′s.

  • Didd

    Let’s just think outside the bun and cast Michael Cera

  • Matt Goldberg

    Rob Cohen hasn’t had a hit movie in a decade and hasn’t made a halfway decent one since Daylight. Clearly, he is the best choice to direct a remake of a cult classic.

  • Nadgers

    Can’t MGM just go out of business already and stop pissing on their catalog?

  • Sd_brain

    Ryan Gosling would be my pick, don’t know if he’d be interested though.

  • Josephine

    Joe Manganiello!!!!!

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  • mattinacan

    oh boy, this guy is a terrible director. Alex Cross, Stealth, xXx, FF – damn those are some bad movies.

  • lordjim

    remakes usually seem to be out of place and stitched together like frankenstein´s monster, the people behind them just don´t understand that movies are a product of their specific time and that every good movie has a connection between style and story.roadhouse is just a perfect and great example of a typical 80´s movie.if studios would actually trust artists with own ideas we´d had much more interesting movies like they used to be made in the glorious days of independent cinema – the 70´s.

  • Jamie Decourley

    I say either Josh Holloway or Casey Affleck