Creator Rob Liefeld Questions Whether Ryan Reynolds Will Still Play DEADPOOL

     August 12, 2010

Life is full of decisions. That said, it’s safe to assume that Ryan Reynolds’ decisions aren’t of the typical “paper or plastic?” variety. As I’m sure you’re well aware, the Canadian actor turned, well, really popular Canadian actor has not one but two superhero film franchise leads at his disposal – Hal Jordan in Warner Bros. Green Lantern and Wade Wilson in Fox’s Deadpool. A nice problem to have to be sure, but a potential problem nevertheless. Picking up on the conflict-in-waiting is “Deadpool” creator Rob Liefeld whose recent tweet suggested that Reynolds may be too preoccupied with his turn in Green Lantern to juggle the “Merc with a Mouth” as well.

For more info on where Reynolds and the film currently stand, hit the jump.

The Playlist interprets Liefeld’s concerns as stemming from the recent news that Warner Bros. is poised to turn Green Lantern into a trilogy, effectively keeping Reynolds too busy to tackle Deadpool. While this is a reasonable concern, it’s not as if the Deadpool film has been stagnant. With Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick developing the script and Robert Rodriguez in talks to direct, Fox’s film looks to be in active development.

While Deadpool‘s future may hinge on Reynolds’ involvement, to be honest, I’m not sure it has to. Sure, I think Reynolds is an excellent actor who is great for the role. I would even go so far as to say that I hope he is Deadpool. However, it’s not as if audiences had a chance to really become attached to him and his katana-arms/sewn mouth during X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In short, Ryan Reynolds is not to Deadpool as Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man. Again, I am a fan of Reynolds’ work and think he would be a nice fit. I just don’t think the film’s existence has to live or die with him.

Now that I’ve stated my peace on the Reynolds/Deadpool debate, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Is he indispensable? Is there another actor you’d like to see in the role? Sound off in the comments.

  • Jeremy D

    Loved the idea of Reynolds as the Merc. Deadpool is a unique character and I think Reynolds humor and presence on screen was a good match. Since the Wolverine movie wasn't great (I mean it was a disappointment!!) his attachment isn't absolutely necessary but I have not idea who else would be able to step in to those shoes.

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  • Liam

    If they could cast someone who could carry the role, I think it could work without Ryan. And honestly he DOES have a lot on his plate. Maybe an unknown who can commit to it being more than one film even. Either way I hope they do it right or not at all. We do not need another Wolverine.

  • Satan Klaus

    Ryan Reynolds isn't Deadpool? He's been attached to the character since what…2003? In my eyes, he is Deadpool.

  • Gusbabb

    If Reynolds does play Deadpool that will be it. I think the Deadpool movie is a one off, where as Green Lantern obviously can make three movies. so Ryan does Green Lantern and takes a break from that to do dead pool, if dead pool becomes something more, then I think the studio's will have just pushed it a little too far for my liking. I still believe Ryan can do both roles, truly its about weather or not the studio is patience enough to wait for him to be free. didn't they just wrap up shooting Green Lantern ? I maybe mistaken.

  • guest

    Ryan Reynolds as deadpool always seemed like a no brainer to me. He's pretty much a perfect fit for it. He and dominic monaghan were by far the best parts of X-men: wolverine. Reynolds as green lantern I was not so crazy about. I prefered nathan fillion, chiwetel ejiofor or maybe even chris pine(don't get me started on what terrible casting blake lively was) but oh well. The past is the past. Actually Chris Pine could probably play deadpool but he's pretty busy too.

  • Reef8488

    Chirs Pine is the best sub for reynolds. If he can fit it in with star trek.

  • Mattk

    if not reynolds (who i believe made him so believable on screen) then he should played by the stunt double who did all the awesome moves -scott adkins who more than shows his acting ability in undisputed 3 and ninja (accents seem effortless for the british guy)

  • Mike

    Disappointing news if he is not going to be Deadpool. In my opinion, he will make a MUCH better Deadpool than Green Lantern. He nailed the smart mouth personality in Wolverine.

  • Jonah PaddleHands

    Time and time again I ask myself if Jason Barr ever knows anything about comic books or the movies connected to them. Of course Reynolds is DP. I think it is unlikely that Liefeld will have any real say in the movie. And While he did create the character, it was writers like Joe Kelly and Fabian Nicieza who made him as popular as he is today. Seriously Jason quit mouthing off your opinion and just stick with the facts. It's people like you who end up ruining a good like Deadpool/Reynolds. I bet you even thought X-men: The Last Stand was a nice change of pace.

  • Jmb327v8

    Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool

  • JT

    Growing up with deadpool as a kid, I never saw him as a pretty boy actor. He's a smartass, light version of Marv in Sin City…to me anyways. I dig Reynolds no doubt, but when I heard he was cast for two comic book heroes, that upset me. No one else seems bothered by it, but one face can't be two heroes…to me anyways. I didn't see Wolverine, but the picture of Reynolds as Deadpool, unscarred, ticked me off soooo bad. Deadpool is a malfigured, bulging muscles, wisecracker, not a lean pretty boy who does movies opposite Sandra Bullock. Reynolds does have great humor, but they need to stick to the character and keep whoever plays Deadpool malfigured. A pretty boy is not deadpool….to me anyways.

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  • LongtimeDeadpoolFan

    It pisses me off but at the same time I don’t know. I’m glad Ryan made his decision. I feel like he could have picked one or the other. But I don’t want to hold him back. I guess I’m a hardcore having been a fan not since he’s a came out. But maybe 13 years now. More then half my life lol. I just don’t want them to ruin Deadpool like they did in the wolverine movie. Or with my stepdad he waited 30+ yrs for gi Joe and they butchered that. I wouldn’t mind seeing a different actor but like I said I don’t want them to cast someone that doesn’t even kno the role or character. At least Ryan Reynolds read the comics. And for ppl who ask yes it would help with acting. It’s gives the person more depth and more backstory. Some actors can pull it off w o reading. But Ryan said h would try to keep true to the comics which I really liked. I’m not a green lantern fan so I won’t see the movie. It was really cool tho that he went to comic con. To finally answer the ? I don’t think Deadpool will ever die an Ryan not playing him is a big deal to some I don’t think it will be a deciding factor in them making the film. At least I hope not. And I hope they get a well suited actor if Ryan can’t make the obligation. Like Hugo weaving as v. 2nd fav comic wasn’t bad. I read a thread on myspace a few yrs ago that they might get vin diesel. If they do that I might have to kill myself…

  • Dove

    There is none other than Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool. He IS Wade Wilson/Deadpool and even Deadpool thinks so. Timing might not mean THIS MINUTE, bit Ryan is tied up into this role for years now and he’s not just going to let it go.

    He’s already done Marvel (Hannibal King/Blade), now DC (Hal Jordan/Green Lantern), he’s in Dark Horse’s R.I.P.D, even played Captain Excellent in Paper Man… he has all the super powers he needs to do any role he chooses.. and yes, he IS DEADPOOL the way RDJ is Iron Man.

    Ryan has time, he isn’t going anywhere and he won’t give this role up unless he is forced to, nor does anyone out there have his sense of deadpan timing. Let it go… it’s just time. Half of these scripts took years to get developed.. not everything happens in instant manifestation (unless you’re wearing the Ring). Just because it might take another 6 months or a year doesn’t mean it’s deadpooled.

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  • Oakraiders0491

    i really think he’s deadpool – not many others can play DP right. I like reynolds a lot, but i think nathan fillion would have been a better lantern.