Rob Marshall to Direct PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4?

     July 31, 2009

Rob Marshall Pirates of the Caribbean 4.jpg

BfDealMemo is reporting Rob Marshall (“Nine”, Chicago”) is about to sign on as the director of “Pirates of the Caribbean 4”. While some had thought director Gore Verbinski might return to the franchise as his “Bioshock” movie fell apart at Universal, it appears Disney is set to continue the franchise with new blood. More after the jump:

captain_jack_sparrow_banner_pirates_of_the_caribbean_at_world_s_end.jpgWhile some have expressed doubt about another “Pirates” movie, I’d like to think the 4th one is going to be good. Here’s the reason: they’ll have a script. Unlike the third installment, which was rushed in every possible way to make a release date, the next installment of the Pirates franchise should have a working story before filming begins. Also, with the movie focusing on Johnny Depp’s character (Jack Sparrow), they can probably find some new people to join whatever quest they’re sending him on (fountain of youth?) and explore new aspects of the Pirates world.

Disney has stated that want filming to begin next year. If that ends up happening, we’re looking at a summer 2011 release date. With the Pirates trilogy making $2.6 billion at the worldwide box office, Pirates 4 is as much of a sure thing as anything in Hollywood. More info as we get it.

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