New Trailer and Poster for Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM, Opening April 19th

     February 4, 2013


From writer/director Rob Zombie (House of 1000 Corpses) comes a new trailer, poster and release date for The Lords of Salem.  The second trailer is a bit more conventional than the previously released one, but still skewed toward Zombie fans.  The Lords of Salem centers on a radio station DJ who receives a musical gift that appears to have awoken a powerful coven of witches.  Starring Sheri Moon ZombieClint HowardBruce Davison and Sid Haig, The Lords of Salem opens April 19th.  Hit the jump to watch the new trailer and view the new poster.

Check out the new trailer for The Lords of Salem (via Bleeding Cool).  View in HD over at Apple:

Here’s the synopsis for The Lords of Salem:

From the singular mind of horror maestro Rob Zombie comes a chilling plunge into a nightmare world where evil runs in the blood. The Lords of Salem tells the tale of Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio station DJ living in Salem, Massachusetts, who receives a strange wooden box containing a record, a “gift from the Lords.” Heidi listens, and the bizarre sounds within the grooves immediately trigger flashbacks of the town’s violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the “Lords of Salem” returning for revenge on modern-day Salem?


  • mattedscreen

    Could be… okay… Dug House, enjoyed rejects, HATED both Halloweens, so Im going to be cautious, comes out a scant 2 weeks after Evil Dead, that could prove rough for this one’s box office take

  • Josh

    Zombie is the Kubrick of our generation, so I will see every movie this man produces. Pure genius director.

    • Diego

      You serious?

    • Wilson

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s rich!

  • Tommy

    First trailer was better but still pumped for this. April’s looking great with Evil Dead and then this right on deck.

  • Arnyxx

    I have faith in Zombie. . He’ll kick ass of all those Halloween hating obsessed fanboys with Salem. .

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  • Shoerki

    Unbelievable that this talentless man and his annoying abysmal “actress” of a wife can still find producers for their shitty movies.

  • Jon

    Why can’t he make oh I don’t know a drama or action or comedy why horror ? Again ! Hey look everyone a zombie horror movie , never seen that before!

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  • genga

    While I don’t have anything against Zombie as a director. I think there are far worse people directing who shouldn’t. I wouldn’t easily dismiss him as a terrible director. He obviously shows a lot of potential in my opinion. Every person has a hit and miss streak. And I quite enjoyed Devil’s Rejects by Zombie. So Lords of Salem feels like it could be along those lines. But, definitely wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s Kubrick or that he’s really terrible.

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    I love ALL of Zombie’s movies and music. Sheri Moons awesome!!! Love them!!!!!!!

  • Pingback: New Trailer and Poster for Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM, Opening April 19th |

  • Pingback: New Trailer and Poster for Rob Zombie’s LORDS OF SALEM, Opening April 19th |