Rob Zombie to Direct THE LORDS OF SALEM; THE BLOB Remake Dead?

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Rob Zombie has announced that he plans to make The Lords of Salem his next project.  The film will be a thriller set in contemporary Salem, where the inhabitants receive a demonic visit from a 300-year old coven of witches.”  Zombie will be writing the screenplay while on tour and plans to shoot the film next year.  Hit the jump to find out what made Zombie stop his plans to remake The Blob.

Zombie says that he came up with the idea for The Lords of Salem years ago, but returned back to the idea while working on his planned remake of The Blob.  For those of you that don’t know, the director announced last year that he had plans to remake the 1958 Steve McQueen classic with a budget akin to Cloverfield and District 9.  Not much was known about what his take on the film was going to be like, but he did say that he had plans to change the design of the blob itself.  The director said “That gigantic Jello-looking thing might have been scary to audiences in the 1950s, but people would laugh now.”

Now, it looks like we won’t be seeing his version of The Blob anytime soon.  While speaking with Deadline, Zombie cited his experiences with remaking Halloween as the main reason for why he left the project.  He said:  “I wanted to break away from anything related to preexisting material. The remake train is getting pretty tired now and when I made Halloween, everybody complained, either that it was too much like the original or too different. I like that people either love or hate what I do because it’s better than being in the middle, which means forgettable. But when you do an original premise, they take it on face value and after three years of not being able to win on Halloween, I just couldn’t go through that again.”

I’m personally glad to see that Zombie is thinking this way since I believe that Zombie is wasting any talent that he has by remaking past classics.  Plus, I never got the reason for remaking The Blob since the 1988 remake is, in my opinion, superior to the original film.  Anyway, I’m hoping that Lords of Salem turns out to be a good experience for Zombie, and that we get to see the talent that he showed he had with The Devil’s Rejects again.

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  • Excpired

    I liked his take on Halloween the first one; the origin story made it worth watching, but once it hit the middle it became pointless like all other slasher flicks. I did like House of 1000 Corpses a lot, Devils was alright. His Salem project sounds like it could be epic, with the atmosphere he sets up and if he got the script right it could turn out to be an awesome horror/fantasy film.

  • Mark

    Everyone loves a scapegoat, especially critics and people who just like to run the new kid down, Rob Zombie received too much greif regarding his work on Halloween, the fact that he gave Micheal Myers his own history and a real back story was a good move, and it worked, he was always going to get stick remaking the Halloweens.

    Zombie did a better job of remaking the Halloween films than Samuel Bayer on the Nightmare on Elm Street remake but everyone made a big deal saying that it was great, scary and Freddy was even better, non of which were true.

    House of 1000 Corpses weren’t bad, but the Devils Rejects was an excellent flick, i can’t wait to see his version of the Blob, the 88 version was excellent but it needs a remake, and Rob Zombie is perfect for the job.

    I don’t like his music much, but you can’t deny his talent as a film maker, i’m looking foward to seeing Lords of Salem

  • Liam

    “People told me to stop shitting on the classics, so I finally got the hint and will make my own movie”…

    Good job there Rob.

  • Susan

    Welcome back Mr. Zombie…I love The Devil’s Rejects, I want him to make another film like that… :)

  • loves2spooge

    I wanna see T-REX!!!!!

  • loves2spooge

    I don’t give a shit about witches (although it sounds like his least derivative idea yet)… I’d rather see T-REX!!!!! Those pre-production pics were totally kick-ass! Guess I just hafta wait…

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