Robert De Niro Joins 50 Cent in FREELANCERS; Forest Whitaker in Talks

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If you thought 50 Cent couldn’t scoop up any more great actors in his cinematic wave of destruction, you were dead, dead wrong. We’ve seen the comical trailer for the trying-too-hard drama Things Fall Apart; the trailer for Setup showed the likes of Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe somehow drawn into its cast. NOLA reports that Curtis Jackson’s next movie, Freelancers, locked in Robert De Niro; Deadline adds that Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to join the cast. Jessy Terrero (who brought us the forgettable Soul Plane) will helm Freelancers, the story of the son of a murdered NYPD cop who joins the police academy, graduates, and gets recruited by a group of rogue cops led by his father’s old partner (De Niro). Freelancers is scheduled to shoot four weeks in New Orleans starting in April.

Sounds interesting? Well, let’s not count our chickens before the trailer hatches.

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  • sense 11

    Bobby!!! sometimes its OK to turn down a movie role.

  • Jake

    Why do these great actors keep doing these bad movies? 50 cent is an AWFUL actor, and not just because his teeth prevent him from talking normally.

  • Elitist Prick

    Studio logic: “Hey, 50 Cent has sold millions of records while being a terrible rapper, maybe he will sell millions of tickets whilst being a terrible actor!”

    That makes more sense than a lot of things. It’s not like he’s being cast based off of stellar box office numbers.

  • Ryan

    Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of all time.

    But lately he has done everything he can to prove people otherwise.

  • joe kerr

    i´ll watch this movie, hopefully he gets shot 9 times in it.

  • Nick Hart

    you people are the lowest form of humanity

  • George

    100 million dollar can go to a person head. Anyways the only way this movie can be good:

    1.Some one else plays the lead
    2. One 50 cent a whole lot of acting classes

  • ChrisK

    Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad if Robert passed away before filming this. Tragedy as a means to avoid tragedy?

  • mabhi

    u all r jst tripin and haters.50 cent is de best smethn like ali in his prime.hip pop is wer it is 2day coz of 2pac,bigie n mre especialy 50 cent after putin it on de map coz 2pac n bigie wer nolonger.all dis fake ass nigga do music coz 50 they trin 2 put de nigga down which it aint goin down

    • medium

      Speak English!!!!!!

  • mabhi

    as 4 movie jst a pis of cake fide is doin well,dnt blame yal al pips coz its clear dat u dnt c talent wen its put in front of ya al

    • Turd Ferguson

      we’re not tryin to put any such person down…it’s just clear to us that 50 cent’s acting is not worth a penny

      • Devon

        and you will be watching this movie.

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