Robert Downey Jr. May Star in PERRY MASON Feature Film for Warner Bros.

     October 5, 2011


Warner Bros., Robert Downey Jr., and Susan Downey are teaming for a feature film re-launch of the classic courtroom drama series Perry MasonVariety reports that Downey Jr. is eyeing the title role of defense attorney who privately investigates crimes on behalf of his clients and always discovers that someone else was the criminal.  Surprisingly, in none of the Perry Mason books by Erle Stanley Gardner (where the character originated in the 1930s), radio shows, TV episodes, or TV movies bore the title “Perry Mason: Thanks for Nothing, Cops.“  The character’s most famous incarnation was on the TV series with Mason being played by Raymond Burr.

According to Variety, “the movie will be set in the rough and tumble world of early 1930s Los Angeles, and feature fan favorites such as Mason’s secretary, Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake, and Mason’s longtime courtroom nemesis, Hamilton Burger.”  The film is currently looking for a writer to adapt an original story by Downey Jr. and executive producer David Gambino.  This is all well and good, but I hope the film features the classic theme song from the TV series.  Hit the jump to give it a listen.


  • Titus

    I love it! This sounds awesome.

  • Boomstickstreet

    Awesome! Although ive always thought that George Clooney looks uncannily like the original Perry Mason. And would probably do better than Downey Jr. But he could still pull it off


    Sounds like RDJ is on a roll(and not the kind you serve with jelly).

    I mean he’s got SHERLOCK II, AVENGERS, another IRON MAN sequel, and in real life, he’s just become a father again.

    All the way ,RDJ.

    Really though, George Clooney would be a much better choice for PERRY MASON.

  • Mr. Snickers

    Robert Downey Jr. can play any role they throw his way and do it well. I am not sure why he is chosen so often to do remake remodels. Each generation only has a few really great talents and he is one of ours. He adds wit and cleverness to everything he does. I can’t think of one person who ever saw him in any movie and said wow he sucks… He’s a loveable actor. You want to buy him a danish and coffee for free. He’s so great. Would you buy George Clooney a danish and coffee? No! Let Clooney buy his own damn danish, man. I rest my case.

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