THOR 2 Rewrite Handled by Robert Rodat

     January 10, 2012


Lately, Thor 2’s production has been in flux due to the original director Patty Jenkins leaving citing “creative differences” and new director Alan Taylor having to wait for a new writer to rework Don Payne’s original script. It looks as if Marvel Studios has settled on a new screenwriter so now everyone can just settle down and get back to work on making the sequel to one of 2011’s most successful films. Originally considered a contender for the rewriting job, Robert Rodat has bested competitors John Collee and Roger Avary for the position. The Oscar-nominated scribe behind Saving Private Ryan and the creator of TNT’s Falling Skies will have the task of scripting where the Asgardian’s story will head after he wraps things up with the The Avengers this May. Hit the jump for more on Thor 2.

Deadline originally thor-movie-image-tom-hiddleston-glare-01reported on Marvel’s selection for Rodat to work on the script. As per a recent interview by Tom Hiddleston concerning the film, in which he will again play the villainous Loki, Thor 2 will be in London this summer to begin filming. Disney is looking to get production started as the film is currently scheduled for a November 15th, 2013 release. Principal actors Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are in place to return, but little has come out regarding the plot. As it’s also a follow-up to this May’s The Avengers, perhaps the much-anticipated film will assemble a few hints about the sequel as well. In the meantime, keep up with all of our continuing Thor 2 coverage here.


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