Robert Rodriguez Explains How You Can Be a Part of His Interactive Short Film TWO SCOOPS

     March 22, 2013

robert rodriguez two scoops

Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is taking the concept of “fan participation” to a whole new level with his latest short film Two Scoops.  A couple of days ago, we debuted the trailer, poster, behind-the-scenes images, and a featurette for Rodriguez’s interactive short, and today we’re sharing a video in which Rodriguez himself explains how fans can be a part of the film.  Rodriguez has already shot the bulk of Two Scoops—which centers on two twin sisters who run an ice cream truck and slay monsters in their spare time—but the film is full of green screen elements that give fans the opportunity to participate.

As part of BlackBerry’s “Project Green Screens,” fans can either act in the movie, have their face in the film, invent a cool weapon, or even invent a giant monster.  Hit the jump to watch the video in which Rodriguez explains how to be a part of Two Scoops.

Head to the official project site for more information.

two scoops poster

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  • paul tracy

    RR is getting dangerously close to two girls one cup territory

  • Diana

    Two things come to mind when looking at this:
    1. This is a very neat way to involve fans with the project.

    2. RHYMING NAMES? WEARING THE SAME OUTFIT? WHY? (I’m an identical twin myself and stuff like this drives both of us INSANE, mainly because we get asked about stuff like this EVERY SINGLE TIME we’re twins, it’s very annoying. The only thing that’s more annoying than those questions is asking who’s “older”, as if there’s any actual gain from knowing who was born first when the minutes difference means jack shit to our personalities. I really hate how twins are often treated as being either carbon copies of each other [because treating two people like they're one person is ALWAYS a good idea] or complete polar opposites [because it's completely impossible for siblings in the same household to have at least a few similar interests, don't you know]. Sorry about the long rant, it just bugs me a lot to see stuff like this).

  • LLPR

    Robert Rodriguez is getting Grace Baine on board to play the AGENT MNINP two green scoops to the actress Director producer of her mother nature in peril short Two C scoops for the Green Heroine

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