See the Trailer, Poster, and Behind-the-Scenes Images and Featurette for Robert Rodriguez’s Interactive Short TWO SCOOPS

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robert rodriguez two scoops

Robert Rodriguez has always invited the viewer to be a part of his filmmaking process, starting with the influential book diary Rebel Without a Crew.  Rodriguez is partnering with Blackberry for Project Green Screen to directly collaborate with his fans on the short film Two Scoops.  There are a few scenes left unfinished in Two Scoops, and Rodriguez wants your help: “I’d like you guys to use your creativity and imagination to help complete them.”  Rodriguez and the crew at Troublemaker Studios will sort through crowdsourced footage and images to insert regular folk into the final product via green screen.

Buxom twins Electra and Elise Avellan brandish guns on the poster with the tagline, “Ice cream scoopers by day.  Danger seekers by night.”  I think that tells you everything you need to know about the tone of the short.  Check out the trailer, a featurette that explains the inspiration behind Project Green Screen, the poster, and a few behind-the-scenes images after the jump.

Head to the official project site for more information.  Here’s the trailer:


The featurette, which uses “The Survivors” from the Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack to inspire you:


two scoops poster

two scoops robert rodriguez

two scoops robert rodriguez

robert rodriguez two scoops

robert rodriguez two scoops

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