Rumor: Robin Will Be in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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Here’s some news that may leave Batman fans scratching their heads.  Scouting is currently underway in Michigan for The Dark Knight Rises; production crews reportedly scouted locations, including a water treatment plant, in Grand Ledge’s Fitzgerald Park last week, but for something entirely unexpected.  Sources told Michigan’s WILX [via AICN] “the area is being considered as a hideout for Batman sidekick Robin.”

Another rumor? A killer joke? Didn’t Christian Bale say he’d “refuse to work” if Robin was introduced into the new Batman stories? Still, this news is quite intriguing, especially when coming off the heels of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s possible addition to the cast. Could he be the boy wonder, forced to take the mantle when/if Bane breaks the Bat’s back? Could be a unique take on the Knightfall storyline … repeat after me: IN NOLAN I TRUST.

Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were recently cast as Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) and Bane, respectively, in The Dark Knight Rises, scheduled for release on July 20, 2012.  Click here for all our Batman coverage.

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  • Britney Warren

    More misdirection.
    Now they just need to include Rupert Thorne, Black Mask, Dr. Hugo Strange and Deadshot and The Dark Knight Rises will have all the major villains it needs.
    I hope The Dark Knight Rises has a larger all-star cast with many recognisable actors making cameo appearances.
    Christopher Nolan is the undisputed best and greatest director in the world.
    The Dark Knight Rises will be the biggest movie of 2012. Watch out Avatar!

  • baldowl

    In Nolan I trust.

  • Ryan

    I trust in Nolan. I can’t stand any of the other Batman movies. I’ve turned half of them off midway through. God help me I watched to the bitter end of Batman and Robin. I love the Nolan films for being real and gritty, not cheesy and too unbelievable.

    I never liked Catwoman (and that outfit MP wore was like a lame S&M thing), but I trust Nolan to make Catwoman cool. I also trust that he could introduce JGL (who rocked in Inception) as Dick Grayson, but he’s not a kid, rather a college age apprentice who doesn’t don a goofy outfit. Maybe he never even takes the name Robin

  • 1AngryMan

    Misdirection I assume. This film already sounds pretty loaded and couldn’t handle another subplot.

    Of course I’ve always thought if they wanted to include Robin in these films best way would be to make him be an overzealous BatFan who starts trying to be his partner & it only leads to Robin’s death.

    But Nolan already did this with the Bat-Imposters in The Dark Knight.

    Probably BS. When The Dark Knight was being made didn’t the internet spend a year arguing that Anthony Michael Hall was the Riddler & thousands of stories were written hinting at it only to reveal Anthony Michael Hall was playing the captivating role of ….. news reporter.

    • Tin

      This is one fantastic post. Made me laugh out loud. “captivating role…”, omg

  • Sean C

    Nolan has stated that he will never feature Robin in his films.

    This is a rumour, which does not hiold its weight in water (that’s not a reference to the water treatment plant) just something Nolan has said before. If any idiot producer thinks he knows better than Nolan, than he should resign now.

  • fabrice


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  • junierizzle

    I trust in NOLAN. I don’t trust all these bull sh*t rumors.

  • SuperSeanski

    The only possible way Robin should be included in the movie would be a reference to the circus at the end of the movie like they did with Joker in BB. That way it could set up the next set of movies with a different feel and different director since Nolan has said he’s making a trillogy.

    • Brian

      I was thinking the same thing. It would be such a great set up at the end if it is mentioned Bruce will be attending an evening at the circus because pretty much everyone would know what is coming next. Hell, even show a flying Grayson’s flyer!

  • Capn Kirk

    You know, it could still be Dick Grayson, but not Robin. Nolan might consider just skipping ahead to the point of Grayson being Nightwing. In the recent comics, Wayne seems to die (in this movie’s case, Bane would be a useful plot element to get something like this done), and Nightwing takes on the mantle of Batman. After Grayson is batmaning it up, Bruce comes back into the picture and decides to let Dick stay as the Batman of Gotham, while Bruce Wayne will be a global batman, part of Batman Inc. I can see Nolan taking this idea to his universe to tie up the story arc of Bruce Wayne by passing on the “immortality” of batman on to a new generation.

  • Elitist Prick

    In all honesty, the entire Batman universe is nuts, so making the Robin character fit into a gritty and believable narrative isn’t much more of a stretch than making Bruce Wayne gritty and believable. I know seeing kids beat up deadly criminals brings to mind horrible images of things like Surf Ninjas, but I doubt this will venture into that realm. Although, it would be kind of awesome Nolan just said “fuck it” and made that kind of movie. I mean, it would be terrible, but also totally insane.

    …anyway, whether this is true or not, Robin is a rather important part of Batman’s history and could easily be a supporting character in one of Nolan’s films. Just keep his involvement limited.

  • nekrotemor oscuro

    I personally believe that Azrael could be at the batman. if bane breaks batmans waist. So Azrael must be on the movie. It would be fantastic

  • Dev1359

    lol @ all these silly rumors. As much as I’d love to see Nolan take on Robin’s character in his universe, he’s just not going to be in this movie people. Nolan and Bale have both said it too many times. And if you think it’s going to be JGL, he’s just too old to be playing him at 29 years old.

    I doubt Nolan is adapting the storyline from Knightfall for this movie. He’s simply going to do what he’s been doing since the first movie: taking these characters and crafting his own storyline for them.

  • Shaun

    I think the only way “Robin” is in this would be a cameo of the Flying Graysons. This smacks of misdirection by the Nolan privacy force field.

  • sense 11

    I Trust Christopher Nolan & Zack Snyder and You Should Too.

    • sense 11

      It would be so awesome if Nightwing was part of the story.

    • Orfaneli

      Oddly, for liking the ctearchar so much, the only Batman I’ve really read is Batman: Confidential, which I like (usually).I got references to him and guest shots in a couple other series, though, and I read a bit online about what was going on. I gotta say soap opera seems to be the appropriate term. I am completely (almost) lost with all the Robin changes, and deaths, and kids, and the like. I’m not sure I could follow a story now.That said, if Bruce is toast, I’m glad Grayson got the cowl. I had heard that some chick got it, which did not please me.Jeff’s last blog post..Graphic novels are all the rage Tuesday TubeWatch Reply

  • Jak24

    The only Robin storyline I actually like is Under the Red Hood. God I love that movie.

  • Matt N

    I just realised that this could be linked to the recent rumour of ROBIN williams being in the Dark Knight as a result of it being misheard or misinterpreted. When they heard Robin, they must have naturally assumed robin williams rather than the character robin.

  • alex hurz

    indeed…Robin William will actually play Robin and JGL will play the penguin…oh God who cares who’s gonna play who?

    in Nolan i trust

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  • Migz13

    whoa… I think this has been a persistent rumor that will be eventually get shut down by Nolan himself if given the opportunity.
    Then again that man has a lot of surprises up his sleeve.
    in the end…

    “In Nolan we TRUST”

  • mason

    total bullhickey. collider “confirmed” the additions of vicki vale and talia al ghul, also fueled hugo strange and the riddler rumors, so until theres a statement, no robin.

  • BruceNolan

    100% Lies, its just a rumor someone spread, Bale said he would leave and Nolan said he would not introduce Robin, as the timeline was innapropriate for him, because he is only 2 years old now. lying in a baby crib somewhere. so case closed.

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  • [A]

    I rrrreally wish you put DISQUS back — at least that gravatar system

  • D.J. Iv@n

    Nolan’s probably doin a misinformation campaign like Michael Bay did with Transformers 2 and is possibly doin with the third?

  • Bob S.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently talks to Christopher Nolan + rumors of Robin hit the Internet = safe bet Robin/Nightwing will be the next film and JGL will most likely be playing him. Grayson has a tragic and rich back story which Nolan surely recognizes fits his style for these films. Besides, if we end up with three villains in the third of three movies that would be the lamest thing ever. Actually, let me correct that, Azrael as a third villain would be the lamest thing ever.

    Further, to everyone who says Nolan already said no to portraying Robin, this is also the same man who said he wouldn’t do a third Batman film. Bale said the same thing, but here we are…

  • jonski22

    bruce find dick..they share something..dead parents…bruce trained him….relationship like real brothers….bane breaks bats back..nightwing take over the suit..only to be killed…not trained enough (ala kick-ass moment)…thats a heavy drama on there…

    expect TDKR to be 6hrs longer/est…in NOLAN i TRUST!!!

  • jon

    bale wont do batman if they put robin in
    well if they drove a dump truck full of money
    up to his house and said robins a go for the third instalment
    money changes everything

  • jon

    trust in money

  • Dane

    I think Grayson should have a cameo, it Vicki Vale’s gonna be his love interest in this one. But no Robin. Or if they have Robin.
    Zac Effron!!

  • pgitt

    As much as I love a good training montage, I’m skeptical about adding Robin. I’m also skeptical about removing Batman’s ability to walk. Maybe Bane will break Robin’s back? They hardly had Two-Face at all…

  • Jesse

    If they were to add anyone, it would be Azriel.

  • gon-fu

    it would never EVER be possible to put robin in this, because if you notice, in tdk barbara gordon (batgirl) makes a cameo and in the movie she is only like… 6 years old, so it doesnt make ANY sense to put robin n this

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  • Reliable Source

    They’re not talking about Robin the character. They’re talking about Robin Williams. He’s playing Hugo Strange, and they’re scouting for his lair.

    • Reliable Source

      Think about it–Nolan stated that Robin wouldn’t be in his trilogy, and Christian Bale refused to work if Robin was part of the franchise. Batman’s beloved sidekick is not going to be in the movie…Hugo Strange is.

      Dr. Strange fits into the story, and they’re reportedly filming in Bucharest. It matches up. Collider, I’m surprised you didn’t put two and two together.

      The studio is currently scouting for Robin [William]‘s lair.

      Hugo Strange is going to be in The Dark Knight Rises.

      • Reliable Source

        Also, Robin Williams has worked with Nolan before, in Insomnia. And Nolan is known to use the same actors in a lot of his movies…

        Christian Bale – Batman, The Prestige
        Michael Caine – Batman, The Prestige, Inception
        Tom Hardy – Inception, The Dark Knight Rises
        Cillian Murphy – Batman, Inception
        Marion Cotillard – Inception, Nolan’s first choice for Catwoman [but she got pregnant]
        Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Inception, The Dark Knight Rises (probably)

        It all adds up.

        Pretty soon we’ll be seeing the Collider headline “Robin Williams to Play Dr. Hugo Strange in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES”. Mark my words.

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  • Jim

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Robin. I knew that would happen. I’m sure there will be a montage at the end of the film introducing several other villains. Penquin will be seen opening up his new night club. Joker will escape Arkham. Riddler leaves a question mark somewhere. Batman will have his Batcave. Robin might discover it. If this is the last Batman film, at least by Christopher Nolan then it will most likely show the story line open ended. Batman will rise to the New Gotham were there are no longer ordinary criminal minds around. In the end, no matter whatever it is, or who is in it, it better be good.

    • Alex

      Wrong. Nolan said that this film will not end open-ended. He wants it to completely close out his story without any opportunity of a continuation.

      And Robin is not going to be in this movie.

  • ginger92

    reliable source has a great point.

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