Robin Williams Eyes Return to TV in David E. Kelley Workplace Comedy

     August 30, 2012


It’s been thirty years since Robin Williams starred in a television series (Mork & Mindy), but the veteran comedian is looking to make his way back to the small screen.  It looks like his comedy vehicle will be a single-camera comedy series written by none other than David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, The Practice).  CBS is currently eying the series which sets Williams up as a brilliant ad executive who ends up working alongside his daughter.  The half-hour episodic comedy would reunite Kelley with CBS, where his drama Picket Fences picked up his first Emmy.  Deadline further reports that Williams has recently wrapped shooting on Lee Daniels’ The Butler and is moving onto The Angriest Man in Brooklyn which also stars Peter Dinklage, Mila Kunis, Melissa Leo and James Earl Jones.

  • whatever

    Robin Williams was just on Louie. He also recently did a movie Bobcat Golthwaite.He seemed to be attempting to restore his reputation after 20 years of schlock melodrama and hacky comedies. It is perplexing indeed, therefore, that he would go for a David E. Kelly vehicle. Who the hell is giving him career advice? Does anyone aside from menopausal receptionists find Ally McBeal amusing? Think about it Robin – is the money that good? Wouldn’t you rather craft something worth remembering (like Louie or Curb) than another crappy sitcom?

  • Joseph M

    Well said, Whatever. I’m also perplexed that Williams – who is capable of the surreal and the abstract – would agree to another dull sitcom about white collar people and their personal/family relationships. Should be said that I despise the whole Ally McBeal ‘corporate culture can be cool’ thing. I’ll stick with Larry David, for now.

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