ROBOCOP Images and Featurette Show Off Concept Art, Plus Commentary from Joel Kinnaman, Director Jose Padilha and Creative Team

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Fans of RoboCop are interested to see how director Jose Padilha’s remake is going to differ from the 1987 original. It seems a new featurette has been released that goes a long way in answering that question. Featuring concept art for multiple generations of RoboCop’s suit, a re-imagined ED-209, unmmanned drones and futuristic weaponry, the video also includes commentary from star Joel Kinnaman and director Padilha, along with producer Eric Newman, VFX Supervisor Jamie Price and Production Designer Martin Whist.

RoboCop, also starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle Haley, opens in theaters February 7th, 2014. Hit the jump to check it out, along with some new images of both concept art and a new suit. [Update: The unofficial images have been removed.]

Check out the featurette below (via CBM) followed by some new images of concept art and from the RoboCop set (via Omelete). If the commentary and concept art are to be believed, the image of the new suit may not be RoboCop’s at all, but one of the mass-produced models from OmniCorp. Here are some highlights from the featurette:

  • Padilha implicitly contrasts the motivation for Kinnaman’s Alex Murphy to become RoboCop to that of Iron Man’s Tony Stark.
  • RoboCop will explore this technology in a global setting on both military and law enforcement levels.
  • Since OmniCorp is a business, RoboCop will show the R&D process of the RoboCop models, with the first version being similar to the original suit and the newer version being the sleek black one seen in recent images.
  • RoboCop is also meant to be a product, one that can be sold around the world.
  • The creative team promises some “Call of Duty-style shoot-outs with a lot of drones and robots.”
  • There will be updates made to the classic ED-209 robot from the original.
  • Padilha says there are “a lot of robots flying, running and kicking ass, and so I’m pretty confident that it’s going to be pretty cool.”


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  • Alex Murphy

    Call of duty shoot outs? oh god…

    The concept for the suit looked cool though, when it was silver. I have hopes for this movie but something feels a bit off. I recently enjoyed Dredd though, and that sorta reminded me of a modern Robocop.

    We’ll see….I’ll wait for the trailer. Dead of alive, youre coming with me!

  • Deadpool

    Was worried at first… But I’m having more and more confidence in this movie the more stuff i see. Looking forward to seeing a trailer.

  • Al

    This documentary says the suit evolves into the black suit that we saw 2 months ago. Concept art clarifies it but this documentary was released back in September. Release date is pushed up 6 months. A new suit concept is released on Twitter. Did the release date get pushed up b/c they are scrapping the black suit completely and going with “The Iron Giant” looking suit through re-shoots? No confirmation on anything. Give us something MGM!

  • Lance

    Hey, Prometheus haters! At last a movie that appeals to your sensibilities, and gives you the “Call of Duty” style shootouts you’ve been craving!

    As for me, I have a bad feeling about this. Don’t get the sense anyone involved with production really gets Robocop.

  • Strong Enough

    i sense a lot of shit is going to blow up in the movie

    • dobby

      mostly the careers of the execs who green lit this…

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  • dobby

    Who is Mark Bennett? does he actually LIKE movies? Who did that to his hair?

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  • Bill

    That concept suit actually looks cool…the suit they are actually using? Not so much. Strange.

  • Jay

    This is beginning to look pretty awesome. :)

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