New Set Photos and Video from ROBOCOP Starring Joel Kinnaman

     May 13, 2013


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything on Jose Padilha‘s remake of RoboCop.  The film was originally scheduled to open in August, but was pushed back to next February.  The last time we saw anything from the movie was in November, but now some new set photos and video have surfaced.  These images show off the costume in greater detail, and while there’s been some inevitable grumbling, I like the new look.  The original outfit is iconic, and this isn’t a radical departure, but it has enough of its own flavor to pay homage while still finding away to stand apart.  As for the video, fast motorcycles are fast.

Hit the jump to check out the set photos and video.  The film stars Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel and Jackie Earle HaleyRoboCop opens February 7th, 2014.

Via CBM and Daily Mail.


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  • Lance

    The suit looks a little better closer up. But to say that it pays homage to the original is a stretch.

    • pinkincide

      IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A SUIT. That’s why it sucks. Robocop is a head and a spine, or part of a torso at most. He should look like a robot, not a guy in a suit.

      • Erhunmwunsee Osarumen

        whether you like it or not, the movie is gonna come out, and you are gonna watch it. right?

  • Nick

    Look the suit is cool. Looks expensive and realistic to some degree.. Only problem is that it is a suit for ROBOCOP and this design is so wrong. Good acting cant fix a bad script and the same can be said of a design and the resulting costume

  • Calcazone

    The red line on his mask is so weird… the original line on the original costume was where his eyes were, though I think it’s still the same here, it goes past that, up to the top of the helmet…

  • KevinR

    If he can holster his handgun in a compartment in his right thigh, then I would say that it pays homage, but not knowing that, I see absolutely nothing in these images that pays homage. RoboCop is quite honestly one of my all-time favorite movies, I just hope the don’t screw up the franchise. Otherwise we will have to wait another 20 years for a reboot.

    • Christopher

      He holsters a Taser in his leg in the script, but doesn’t actually wield a gun until acquiring Murphy’s personal revolver in the third act.

  • KevinR

    If he can holster his handgun in a compartment in his right thigh, then I would say that it pays homage, but not knowing that, I see absolutely nothing in these images that pays homage. RoboCop is quite honestly one of my all-time favorite movies, I just hope the don’t screw up the franchise. Otherwise we will have to wait another 20 years for a reboot.

  • Mark

    it looks fine. It looks like they changed it from the original suit a few months ago. Looks like they bulked it up

  • Michael Horne

    Looks more like Batman than Batman does!

  • Aaron Fritsch

    Its the laziest thing imaginable. Why cant they just leave well enough alone?

  • KevinR

    One thing I don’t like is they try to make it look cool for the sake of looking cool, but inevitably it actually comes across as cheesy. My thing is only design it in a way that is actually functional. The helmet, with it’s huge visor dome seems pointless. How is it useful? He’s has eyes on the front of his face not the top of his head. It looks like a blatant rip-off of a certain unlockable helmet in the video game Halo.

    There are just too many layers and little pieces mashed together that it’s too busy looking and is distracting.

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  • spartacus

    is this meant to be cyclops or a black iron man or both?


    Looks FANTASTIC!! I always wanted to see a movie made of STREET-HAWK. … Oh, wait.. what? Robo.. what? :-(

    • Joe

      Street Hawk! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the flick. Forget a Robocop remake. Just make a StreetHawk movie! :)

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  • tosh

    the problem is, it just looks like a suit…. not a robotic body. there’s nothing “robo” about it.

    • Jay

      Yes, but that’s where acting and special effects come in. The original Robocop suit was just as plastic-y, but when he moves all jerky-like he sells it, plus they added servo sounds and heavy footsteps.

      There’s probably gonna be some crazy-cool special effects for the gun compartment and who knows what other weaponry he may have hidden away in his limbs.

      • roboCOP

        Those heavy footsteps effects were AWESOME. You know he was coming when you heard that.

      • Gögi Gonzales

        thats hot.

      • roboNO!

        errrr what? No way! The original Robocop looked like a product, a clunky prototype, so much that they removed his right arm (why are they keeping it in this new one?). The new RubberCop looks like an action figure that came alive in a toy store. And im sorry but they will blatantly have this new version running and jumping around like a ninja, its what the kids want these days you see ;)

      • Jay

        I’m a product designer and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • Spider Jerusalem

        You’re clearly unaware of how they film special effects. If they were going to do anything in post to this costume, you’d see those would be CGI pieces painted green, blue, or some other color to allow them to be tracked by the digital artist. No, what you see here is going to be more-or-less what you get.

        Second, the original RoboCop suit did not look plastic. Either this is some revisionism on your part, or you don’t remember the movie properly.

      • Jay

        I know how it works, man. I never said these were effects shots.

  • Ray

    the thing is, that its not that the costume looks bad…it just doesn’t look like its part man part machine. i completely bought that with the original, with huge clunky metal bits. this just looks like a guy in a lightly armoured suit. its convincing as some soldier of the future, but not ROBOCOP.

  • Jay

    I think this movie could be really cool. I like the exo design the more I see it.

  • Rockslide

    I agree with the majority, looks like futurecop, not Robocop. Its like that tech suit they wore in the first G.I. Joe. It doesn’t feel very robot-ish, just armor-ish.

  • DoobieDave


  • GunzOfNavarone

    The thing which they don’t realise is that the original made him look like a machine. This looks very plastic’y. It looks like someone in an armoured suit as opposed to being part machine.

  • Gögi Gonzales

    looks like shit. his bike is fucking dumb as hell… is it an automatic? why were his legs dangling off the back end like that? exposed pistol hand…why?

    • NOT MY HAND!!!!

      yeah totally! i dint get the whole hand thing? They remove it in original to reflect how cold and careless they were about treating this dead man as he was now a company product.

      Dumb remake…

  • Jesús García Rubio

    Why are they destroying my childhood?.

    • EGGMAN

      because you need to get over yourself

    • RoboCop(1987) FTW

      Because a big part of the film industry sucks right now, they feel the need to remake decent old franchises into cold, heartless, lame, cgi smothered crap rehashes for the kids of today to enjoy, as they don’t seem to be able to watch the original films on dvd, either that or they don’t want to as there isn’t enough cgi with people leaping around in super fast cuts to a half orchestral half dub step score! That seems trollish but its true i feel, isn’t that the only reason you would remake the film? Its the same damn story, i don’t care what subtle alterations they do, it wont deviate that far where you’ll think its completely original at all, so that leaves the only reason to be “well we can make it look better now with the advancements in sfx”….

      As its going, the young generation will never have their own movie icons or heroes as they are just recycling the ones from an older generation, sad really.

      • Joe

        Agree 100%. They should have left it rest after the initial Paul Verhoeven classic. It was such an amazing self contained film it didn’t need a sequel, reboot, new ‘suit body’, etc.

        Hollywood is grapsing at straws here in terms of creative writing. It explains why comic book films are all the rage. Established lore and fan base over many years – which they’ll inevitably ruin too.

  • pedro

    Im cool with this new suit but it seems he got a small beer belly

  • Action Movie Freak

    I guess I will have to be ‘grumbling’ about the costume with the others because this doesn’t look robotic at all. The machine-y ness and stiffness was what was so cool about the first one. Compared to War Machine, it’s not even powerful looking. Just looks like a human in a suit :(

  • donthinkso

    the new robocop looks like a gimp, sorry! looks like crappy plastic….

  • Frankie Hollywood

    I agree with the majority (rules) – not too impressed. It’s like they couldn’t decide, should we go Batman or Iron Man? F’ it, let’s do both (poorly).

    If I was seeing that picture for the first time and without any context, I would never guess Robocop.

    Poor Red (“I’ll buy that for a dollar”) must be laughin’ his ass off.

  • Phil

    This suit doesn’t make the guy look like RoboCop at all. If anything, this looks like a souped up version of The Guyver.

  •‎ tarek

    This is a horrible design. It has nothing to do will a roboticc suit.

  • Migz13

    Still going to give this a shot. I ADORE the original, but It wouldn’t hurt to put a little faith in this one:)

  • sense11

    At least its not a CGI suit

  • Travis

    I feel like this is destined to appear as though it should be an old school Sci-Fi Saturday night premier.

  • Erhunmwunsee Osarumen

    there is nothing wrong with the suit. its a modern robocorp.

    • Joe

      That’s the problem. RoboCop DOES NOT wear a suit!
      It’s supposed to be his actual mechanical body…not body armor which is the case here.

      • Erhunmwunsee Osarumen

        just give it a chance. by the time the movie come out, you will be surprise.

  • Tweek

    Plastic Cop…

  • Michael P. Shipley

    Looks like Verhoeven is going to get another chance to snicker after watching this move tank, just like he did with that Total Recall remake debacle.

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