Anne Hathaway Confirms Her Involvement in Steven Spielberg’s ROBOPOCALYPSE

     November 12, 2012


As director Steven Spielberg’s long-in-development Abraham Lincoln film Lincoln is finally poised to hit theaters/enter the Oscar race, the filmmaker has his sights set on something completely different for his next directorial effort.  Spielberg is deep in prep on an adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson’s sci-fi novel Robopocalypse with Chris Hemsworth set as the lead, and we now have confirmation of the film’s female lead.  For those unfamiliar, the story takes place in a future where “artificial intelligence known as Archos comes online and assumes control over the global network of machines that regulate everything from transportation to utilities, defense and communication.”

We previously heard that Anne Hathaway was Spielberg’s choice for the film’s female lead, and now the actress has confirmed her involvement.  Hit the jump for more.

robopocalypse-book-cover-imageSpeaking with Empire Online, Hathaway confirmed that she’s set to star in the pic:

“If Robopocalypse happens I will be in it, and I believe it’s quite real, though you never want to hang your hat on anything.”

Though the actress was remiss to reveal any character details, she went on to share an amusing anecdote about being offered the part by Spielberg:

“Whenever I’m taking time off, I always joke to my team that I’m on vacation unless Steven Spielberg calls. And I was on vacation and Spielberg called. So I was like, ‘OK, put my money where my mouth is’.”

In addition to Hemsworth and Hathaway, Ben Whishaw—who is having an excellent year between his work in Cloud Atlas and Skyfall—is also set in a supporting role.  We recently heard that Gemma Arterton was under consideration for a part in the pic, and I surmised at the time that she may have been eyed for Hathaway’s role given that we hadn’t yet heard confirmation of the Dark Knight Rises actress’ involvement.  It remains to be seen if Arterton will also join the cast, but we should hear more about Robopocalypse sooner rather than later as the film’s April 25th, 2014 release date looms closer.

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