First Trailer for ROBOT AND FRANK Starring Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon

     June 25, 2012


The first trailer for the indie comedy Robot and Frank has been released.  The buddy comedy stars Frank Langella as a retired jewel thief who seeks to resume his criminal ways with the help of a companion robot, voiced by Peter Sarsgaard.  Steve and Matt caught the film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and both of them thought it was great (you can read Matt’s review here).  The trailer definitely seems sweet and warm-hearted, but I wonder if they’ve revealed too much of the plot.  I sincerely hope that’s not the case, as the premise sounds neat and I’m eager to experience the film for myself.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  You can read Steve’s interviews with director Jake Schreier and screenwriter Christopher D. Ford, as well as Langella himself.  The film also stars Susan Sarandon, James Marsden, and Liv TylerRobot and Frank opens on August 24th.

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Here’s the synopsis for Robot and Frank:

Set in the near future, Frank (Frank Langella) a retired jewel thief gets a new lease on life when he is introduced to a surprising new companion. With the help of his new friend, he attempts to woo a local librarian (Susan Sarandon) and resume his criminal escapades.  ROBOT & FRANK is directed by first time filmmaker Jake Schreier, written by Christopher Ford (TVs “Atom TV”), and produced by Galt Niederhoffer, Sam Bisbee, Jackie Kelman Bisbee and Lance Acord.


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    Looks like a sweet kinda film, but my main problem with this trailer, is that Frank and surrounding people do not seem like old versions of “OUR” generation (between 20s and 30s of today.)

    We speak differently to our parent generation (of which Frank seems to)

    • Nate H

      Well, the way I read it, Frank and Susan Sarandon would be early middle-aged in 2012 (in their late 30′s or early 40′s) as opposed to being 20 yr olds in 2012.

  • BeanBag

    Who the fuck would pay to see that?

    • Rain

      You go and watch your million-dollar-budgeted-empty-head-blockbuster movies, and leave these films with “hearts” to us…

      • BeanBag

        a.k.a. morons.

    • Rain

      Aaah, and you guys are the new geniuses, I presume…
      Ironically, this film even mentions spoiled internet brats of the future, you should really have a look.

      what have they done to the Earth!

    • GET OVER IT!

      fine, go ahead and spend your money on wank like Transformers. Beanbag…says it all really ;)

  • junierizzle

    Looks good but terrible trailer. They had me at old dude gets robot. I didn’t need to see any of the criminal activity.

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  • Javyb1980

    The trailer gave away most of the movie, looks interesting though…

  • rahan

    nice movie.
    Its the direction of humans robots :