Is Victoria Secret Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Megan Fox’s Replacement in TRANSFORMERS 3?

     May 22, 2010

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley slice

A few days ago we reported Megan Fox was not going to be returning for Transformers 3. While early reports said it was Michael Bay that fired her, others reported Fox quit the franchise due to the way Bay was treating her on set.  Either way, it’s shocking news, as not many get fired/leave a franchise when it’s so successful.

With principal photography happening right now (or about to happen) on TF3, it’s no surprise every young actress was being considered to replace her. But according to Geek Week, it’s already been decided who will replace Fox as Shia Labeouf’s love interest and it’s Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  More after the jump…including a ton of pictures of Huntington-Whiteley.

While getting a model with no real acting experience to replace Megan Fox might sound a little strange, this is exactly what Michael Bay loves to do.  Before the first Transformers movie, no one had heard of Megan Fox.  Yet he decided to cast her and the rest is history.

Also, look at the first Bad Boys.  Before that film had you heard of Téa Leoni? It was her work in Bad Boys that launched her career.

With production of TF3 going right now, I’d imagine we will find out if this casting story is true very soon.  Until then, here are a bunch of pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  I can’t imagine what Bay sees in her.

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  • CHeRRY

    no thank you.

    • remy

      I like how all of you talking shit about how “ugly” she is think your badass. I bet none of you couldn’t get better than her so shut the fuck up you limp dick mother fuckers.

    • remy

      I like how all of you are talking shit saying how “ugly” she is when you could probably never score any better. I suggest all you limp dick mother fucker shut up. She’s beautiful that’s final. Stop hiding behind your computers you fat pieces of hillbilly shit, and grow a pair.

  • Steve

    Major downgrade.

  • MCP

    She needs to go by McDonald's, White Castle or something.
    Put some meat on dem bones!

    Oh yea, no as well.

    End of Line

    • dissapoint.

      Her hip bones and rib bones stick out further than her boobs. The only pic that could convince me other wise is the pic where she’s wearing the bra that makes your cup sizes 2x bigger. I’m not supporting this skinny bitch or the movie that comes with it. >:(

  • Corin Prendiville

    Good to know that Transformers producers are seriously considering the acting talents of their young candidates. ::scoff::

    Isn't it a huge joke in Hollywood that models all think they can act but can't?

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  • Hot Sizzle

    she is the definition of butterface.

  • Jaymo

    I'm sure what Micheal Bay knows what he sees in her.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Except Rene Russo.

  • hitchcoch

    Have to disagree with everyone here, she is way hotter than Megan Fox. Sorry guys.

  • Steve

    Except her body isn't that hot either…

  • Natasha339

    They love me for my body)))))

  • Robotpo

    Um…did she escape from Roswell?

  • Euugh

    fish lips

  • Nunegro

    I don't see why Witwicky needs a love interest anyway. She just seemed to get in the way in the 2nd film.

  • dogg

    Fake lips are nearly as bad as fake boobs.

  • chris

    Her lips have always been that full.

  • MovieTechJunkie

    she is hot, but not hot enough to replace Megan Fox.

  • junierizzle

    It's called TansFORMERS. Not TransEXUALS.

  • Mike

    Except for her face and body you're totally right lol.

  • Mike

    Her lips are…interesting….in a bad way

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  • catty

    her lips are natural unlike megan's. and rosie's boobs are not even big. funny how people is always trying to find little things to hate on beautiful girls

  • Scott

    I can't stand Megan Fox but that new chick is fugly.

  • Nunu

    This is a man.

    She's a man, baby!

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Michael Bay has beer Goggles on…lol!

  • Geez

    He wanted Fox to gain weight cause she was too skinny for the role yet he wants to hire someone just as skinny? Right…..that makes sense. This stick figure is taller than Shia too..thats gonna look great… wtf.

  • darkstar

    she looks like a man.. Feel that Megan is still the best

  • Ben

    are you all telling me that if this chick were to ask you to fucker her right then and there… you would say no?

    you are all retarded. she is hot. very hot.

  • Bpho

    a man? are you serious? if this chick looks like a man then i need to see the woman you’re getting with because she better be a goddamn godess or something. rosie is totally hot. and you havent even seen her acting. and even so, who gives a shit about acting. its transformes. i see it to watch optimus kick ass not shia and some ho talk and cry at eachother. jesusss

  • article submit

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  • Alastair

    some of this comments posted here is just rediculous, so many stupid people in this world. yea megan fox maybe hotter (for some), but how can you say Rosie is ugly or even looks like a man, some of you guys are so blind. She’s a freaking victoria secret model, no girl in there is anywhere close to the term ugly. Anyways when that new transformers movie comes out some of you freaks are probably going to have a change of mind,

    • Midsandmonkeys

      Well I agree with Alastair that she’s not ugly. She has very strong bone structure which gives her a more ” handsome face” that some might call manly. I love her lips and nose. At the same time ;however, I disagree when you say that All victoria secret models are hot. They maybe hot in there underwear but without the makeup, lights, cameras and smoke and mirrors, they probably All aren’t complete knock-outs.just saying. Everyone’s naturally pretty I think but some are exceptional which is rare to find.

  • Olga

    She so beautifull girl as any girls from Victoria Secret. Sexy,hot.
    “hot in a bad way”))) its make me smile)) and Megan in a good way?? how is it good and bad way?? with one we wish to have a sex and ather one married??)) married and no sex or sex without married, as a normal girl wich love make love i prefere 2nd way)))
    Yes! she so fresh and hot in any kind of way,she is a model,she should to be different)) different style ect.
    Two of them are wonderfull!

  • Jean Claude Van DAMN I’m hot

    I thought Bay hate skinny girls. Why did he force Meggie to gain weight?

  • Mario

    Gran gnocca!

  • D

    Some of you fucks need to start questioning your sexuality if you can’t see she’s fucking gorgeous. And even if she was ugly, when did it start being okay to make fun of someone for that? You all are jelly.

  • john

    Dont matter how good looking she is; somewhere, someone is tired of her shit ok. Megan is far superior in looks and in every other way.

  • john

    megans lips are 100% natural fool, dont you read? Or you just look at the pictures?

  • john

    The jews didnt like Megan saying the director was like Hitler, the racist scumbags. Im not wasting my money on Jewlry, or any other Jewish type items like Transformer merchandise etc. Be different if the American jews helped the homies but they dont. All they do is sit around comparing Victoria secret models, lol. Who gives a shit about Transformer movies except for children, the T&A is for dad who gets stuck taking the kids to the flicks. What a jerk off that is huh??? LOL

  • Tay

    So sad how society has forgotten what true beauty is. This gorgeous model can’t please you motherfuckers then WHO can. Fucking sad dude.

  • Alvin

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