Live-Action RUGRATS Trailer Is Beyond Disturbing

     January 17, 2012

If you grew up in the 90s, odds are you spent countless hours enjoying the glorious original programming of Nickelodeon. While shows like The Adventures of Pete and Pete and Salute Your Shorts were definitely staples of my sophisticated Nickelodeon line-up, Rugrats was my rock. The animated series provided a goofy—and at times incredibly odd—look at life through the eyes of a group of toddlers. The loveable characters made for can’t-miss TV, and now Funny or Die has put together a rather disturbing trailer for a live-action version of the show.

The trailer takes the Requiem for a Dream approach with Rugrats and turns them all into psychopaths. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Parenthood star Mae Whitman plays Angelica (obviously), and she’s joined by Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Michael Angarano (Almost Famous, Red State), and Whitman’s Parenthood co-star Sarah Ramos. Hit the jump to watch the incredibly dark trailer.

Via Funny or Die.

Here’s the opening of the real Rugrats, which is only slightly different:

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  • sense 11


  • Dave Trumbore

    All the nightmares.

  • broski

    Did you guys really have to make an article for this? What is this I don’t even

  • Riccardo

    I loved this show!! One of my childhood favourites!
    I liked the idea of Funny or Die to make this kind of revisitation of Rugrats, but I didn’t like the result..definitely.

  • Liquidus

    Rule 34. Just sayin’.

  • james

    eh not the greatest

    • tim

      Well that sucked.

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  • TheUrbanShepherd


    Now I’m need to figure out what disturbs me more…this, or the internet theory that suggests Angelica was a schizophrenic who imagined the babies after they all either died, were born still or were aborted.

    Also the last few seconds of the video really fucking cracked me up.

  • Mulvi

    You know what could’ve made that funny? Comedy.

  • Roy

    These guys need to get a job….a real job.

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  • Jan

    You guys seem to actually be reviewing his as if it were going to be an actual film. Well, it’s not lol it was brilliantly funny and that all it was meant for.

    P.s. we love Reptar!

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