New Posters for THE RUM DIARY and NEW YEAR’S EVE

     October 14, 2011


New posters have been released for The Rum Diary and New Year’s Eve.  The former is kind of cute and almost makes the film look like a light comic spin on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which is appropriate considering that Hunter S. Thompson was the author of both novels.  As for the New Year’s Eve poster, it perfectly encapsulates the cynical, greedy reason for the movie’s existence.  The point isn’t to convey a plot, but to jam as many stars into the film as possible in the hopes that you’ll like one or two of them enough to see the movie.  However, the stars you like will most likely be in the film for probably less than ten minutes total.  If you think watching a star you like play a poorly defined character is worth a dollar a minute, then you like wasting money.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.  The Rum Diary opens October 28th.  New Year’s Eve opens December 9th.


Here’s the official synopsis for The Rum Diary:

Based on the debut novel by Hunter S. Thompson, “The Rum Diary” tells the increasingly unhinged story of itinerant journalist Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp). Tiring of the noise and madness of New York and the crushing conventions of late Eisenhower-era America, Kemp travels to the pristine island of Puerto Rico to write for a local newspaper, The San Juan Star, run by downtrodden editor Lotterman (Richard Jenkins). Adopting the rum-soaked life of the island, Paul soon becomes obsessed with Chenault (Amber Heard), the wildly attractive Connecticut-born fiancée of Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart). Sanderson, a businessman involved in shady property development deals, is one of a growing number of American entrepreneurs who are determined to convert Puerto Rico into a capitalist paradise in service of the wealthy. When Kemp is recruited by Sanderson to write favorably about his latest unsavory scheme, the journalist is presented with a choice: to use his words for the corrupt businessmen’s financial benefit, or use them to take the bastards down.


Here’s the official synopsis for New Year’s Eve:

“New Year’s Eve” celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts, in the intertwining stories told amidst the pulse and promise of New York City on the most dazzling night of the year.

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  • Michael

    Here’s how I imagine how the New Year’s Eve movie came to be. “Let’s get a whole bunch of pretty actors and actresses together to be in a movie and if we can accomplish that then we don’t need to focus on a cohesive plot so much. Oh, and make it happen on New Year’s Eve. People like that holiday a lot right? Oh! Plus, if we get Bon Jovi then we’ll have a solid cast for the film! Everyone loves him!” This whole movie came to be in less than five minutes. If Valentine’s Day wasn’t enough.

  • Teuta

    From the cast alone, New Year’s Eve looks like it will make a billion dollars!

  • Becky Shaw

    Ryan Seacrest is also in New Year’s Eve. According to IMDB and Wikipedia, Carla Gugino, Sienna Miller, Sara Paxton, John Stamos, John Lithgow and Sarah Paulson are all in this film as well but have not been shown in the trailers or the photos so far.

  • Nawtnt

    New Year’s Eve is just going to be a another A list awful comedy love story movie.

    And one thing? WTF is DeNiro is doing in that movie.

    Come on, I am not insulting him but from Godfather Part II and Heat to this, I think he deserves better than this.

    Let’s hope I am proven wrong and this movie turns out to better than expected.

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  • SV7

    There’s a new movie at the top of my WILL NEVER WATCH list.

  • faiz

    I agrre with nawtnt, WTF is the great De Niro doing in that? It really rankles my heart to smithreens

  • faiz

    I fuckin’ agree with nawtnt. It rankles my heart as to how much he has degraded himself….

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