Marvel’s RUNAWAYS to Shoot in March; Re-Titled to “SMALL FACES”?

     September 1, 2010

Marvel’s Runaways is set to begin filming in March 2011.  Production Weekly tweets that shooting will take place in Los Angeles, which is where Brian K. Vaughan’s comic is set.  The series centers on a group of teenagers who go on the run when they discover that their parents are supervillains.  While on the lam, they each learn they’ve inherited particular gifts and abilities.

Interestingly, PW tweets that the movie is called “The Runaways (aka “Small Faces”).  If Marvel is choosing to rename the project, it’s likely because they want to avoid confusion with the music biopic starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning that came out earlier this year.  However, I don’t want to believe that Marvel would provide a title as terrible as “Small Faces” to one of their movies.

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  • Yeper

    small faces is band with a song named runaways. its a fake title, like ‘rory’s first kiss’

  • Excpired

    Good catch. If this movie was called Small Faces I’d shoot a Marvel exec. RUNAWAYS is a good title, they should just call it that in all caps or something. I don’t think people are going to be confused, afterall the movie will do a lot more business than the band biopic did.

  • Guest#01101101

    it may be a good comic but the concept will be a movie failure. Unless it’s done on an extremely low budget and marketed to the same crowd as a “talking dog&cat” movie, its another Jonah Hex in progress.

  • Loren

    I’m auditioning for Karolina. Yes, they are actually considering using Small Faces. I think that’s a horrible title; it makes me think it’s a little kid’s movie, while it is clearly not.

  • EricGrande2002

    Wait what? Why would the talking dog & cat crowd have to the target?

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