Russell Crowe to Play Jor-El in MAN OF STEEL

     June 15, 2011


Emerging from a group of names that included Sean Penn and Clive Owen, Russell Crowe has been tapped by Warner Bros. to take on the role of Superman’s biological father, Jor-El, in Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Variety confirms Crowe’s casting in the project which is set to begin production next month in Vancouver. While Jor-El’s level of involvement in David Goyer’s script is currently unknown, the “A-list” casting of the role harkens back to Marlon Brando’s turn as Kal-El’s father in Richard Donner’s original Superman.

Crowe joins a cast that already includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon and Diane Lane. The role of Jor-El’s wife, Lara, is still up in the air, although Dark Horizons reported earlier today that Crowe’s Gladiator co-star Connie Nielsen may have an offer for the gig on the table as I type. Man of Steel is currently eyeing a holiday 2012 release.


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  • Jeff

    That’s cool. I hope Russell Crowe can be as effective as Marlon Brando was in the Richard Donner movie.

  • Tarek

    Bad choice imo.
    I nominate Jeff Bridges as Jor-El.

  • fabrice

    bad choice?

    russel is awesome

  • LB

    @Tarek: Though Jeff Bridges could be a great choice, his voice isn’t. I very much prefer Russel Crowe’s voice than Jeff’s.

  • Nick

    this is a voice role more than anything else, and he certainly has the voice for it. and he’s a good actor too.
    now, sell me on cavill, because immortals looks like crap.

    • Scooby

      Immortals looks awesome!

  • Tarek

    Russel Crowe is a great actor. But this role isn’t made for him imo.

    let’s imagine Jeff playing Jor-El just one second:

    The voice ? Jeff has a terrific voice. when he speaks, he makes you listen.

  • Randy

    “My name is Jor-El, Father to a superhero son, husband to a exploded wife and I will live in the fortress of solitude in this life and the next”

  • neil

    Mr. Barr, you forgot to include Michael Shannon as General Zod in the OP. As he is the biggest reason out of many that I’m excited for this movie, I feel this is a glaring ommission.

    • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

      you’re right. I fixed that.

  • Sonofabitch

    I agree with Tarek. I can’t see Kal – El being a son of Jor-EL with Crowe playing the part. IMHO, someone like Jon Hamm should portray Jor-EL

  • TrollSuck!

    Wow! Great piece of casting news here! Crowe is a great actor and he is a solid big name choice for Jor El!

    I love almost ALL of Crowes films and performances!

    The cast for this Nolan produced Superman reboot keeps getting better and better. Impressive!

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  • saw see

    —Crowe, once a promising figure, NOW the biggest
    sellout and waste of time to be found in RED China
    sellout, franchise slum Hollywood.

    What a disappointment!

  • Ymus Anon

    —-AS Australia is betrayed by Globalists into the
    RED China sellout and TREASON OP —-Crowe’s
    right there, pumping out retro tech worship at the
    service of the EUGENICS agenda.

    We’ll remember——————————————

  • just one

    Jeff Bridges would be a far better choice. Crowe is fake, almost always, so overrated. And he’s a dick. Shame.