RIP: JACKASS Star Ryan Dunn Dies in Car Crash at 34

     June 20, 2011


We’re sad to report that Jackass star Ryan Dunn has died from a car accident. Dunn was involved in a collision late last night, and friends confirmed his death early this morning. The actor/stuntman burst onto the scene in 2000 with MTV’s hit show Jackass, which later spurned three feature films. Dunn was always one of the highlights of the Jackass crew, seemingly up for trying almost anything. He had just celebrated his 34th birthday earlier this month. Our deepest condolences go out to Dunn’s family and friends.


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  • WyldeMan45

    Quite surprised none of them had died prior considering some of the stuff they did, always playing with fate at the most dangerous of levels. He was pretty young though, RIP Dunn.

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  • Jake

    Very sad news. R.I.P Ryan Dunn

  • Shigure

    Just re-watched the Jackass movies a few days ago. It’s so sudden. RIP dude, and condolences to Dunn’s family, friends, and the Jackass crew.

  • FatRoss

    What a damn shame. Freaking sad as it gets. He was always one of my favorite members of the crew. Always hilarious, always ambitious…RIP Ryan Dunn, you will truly be missed. All the best to his family in dealing with the loss.

  • Jackass sucks

    hahahaha what a loser

    • Sublime_89

      Hey lil punk bitch why don’t you laugh at something thats actually funny like the fact that you probably fuck your mom in the ass, why don’t you grab a gun put it in your mouth and pull the trigger no one will give a shit but at least you’ll be dead.

  • Zab

    It’s sad when anyone dies, but reports are that he was drunk and driving along at over 110mph in a reckless manner. So I’m not really suprised that he ended up dead. It seems that the crash also killed someone else too.

    So yes, while sad, don’t weep too much.

  • !_!

    what a jackass

  • Army

    I Was watching Jackass 3.5 just last night too, this SUCKS BIG TIME, he is one of the nicest guys on Jackass and one of my faves (He must be really brave to put a toy car up his ass LoL) But yeah, Dunn is truly the man, this is sooo SAD RIP Dunn

  • james

    Wow. Some of you commenters are grade A assholes. You know who you are. Now go fuck yourselves.

  • jessica

    how sad, growing up watching jackass i always assumed they were indestructible. my prays go to his family and friends.

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